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I can't stand seeing those Proactive commercials on TV..

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I'm tired of seeing them constantly. Especially the ones where they get a celebrity and the celebirty says Proactive worked great and quickly on them. It's so much bullshit. I mean has Proactiv really cleared all your acne for you?? Anyone else feel the same way I do?

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I despise them as well mate, every time they come on I just think to myself 'what aload of balls this is', same with any or advert similiar to it coz none of them work.....

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

I sent e-mails to proactive and also to that new company with the blonde girl from heroes in it, and basically told them how much they piss real acne sufferers off with their lame infomercials. Actually, I pretty much cussed them out in an e-mail and told them how dumb them and their marketing teams are. Never got a response back from either, lol.

Hmm, let's have people with flawless skin tell all of these people with acne that our product made them have clear skin in 30-days. What a bunch of fucking morons. It's sad though, that some people actually fall for that shit. I actually tried proactive back in the day when I first started getting acne too though, so I can't say too much.

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