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How do you rate your Determologist?

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I am sick of visiting determologist.. they do nothing but charge really high consultation fee.

They just look at my facial condition and ask me to do a blood test, when there is nothing wrong with my blood. She will tell me how accutane works blah blah.. when accutane cause serious drying and lips cracking and it doesnt help my acne that much, she switch to antibiotics..

Personally, I dont think consulting a determologist is useful at all.. unless you need to buy accutane you need them to prescribe.

I also think that determologist should be someone with Serious Acne problem .. so they can understand our problem better.

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i love my dermatoligist! she is so great. i tell her what medication I want to go on and she gives it to me no questions asked. and she never makes me do all the blood work and rigamarole. shes very relaxed about that kind of stuff. and because I dont have insurance she takes pity on me and gives me a huge discount on office visits and always lots of free samples! couldnt ask for a better one. you should seek out another derm. thats ridiculous they wont give you a treatment! and accutane is the most miraculous drug for acne. you dont need antibiotics after it unless it comes back

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