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is it worth it? need some help

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Hi everyone i'm new around here but am finding this a very interesting place to read and share views from everyone that suffers from the same thing!

Ok, well heres my story. I've had mild acne since I was 13 and I am 19 in a weeks time. So, yeh, 6 years with these annoying little breakouts. I always have at least a few spots, which I always pick at (I know - bad habit) so I always end up with a few scabs on my face. This is because the acne aren't small ones, they are the big ones uner the skin and i always have to get that stuff out, so I pick so until i prevail. Plus have loads of blackheads on my nose and cheek area.

I have been on Tetralysal 300 for the last 8 months with no improvements. Also before that I tried another drug, for a couple of months, which didn't work. I wash my face 2-3 times a day with an acne wash and also drink 2 litres of water per day, plus I eat a well balanced diet. I also have tried Retin-A but my skin couldn't cope.

To be honest, my skin is the same, always just these few (cystic?) breakouts, I just more old acne marks now. I have quite a few marks on my face left over, proably due to all the picking. These will probably fade in time though as they are flat, not pitted or atrophic.

The worst part of all this though, is that it is affecting my life - mentally and socially. When I flare up, I rarely want to go out, speak to or let my family or friends see me. I skip college, stop going to the gym, I even stopped seeing a girl I liked when I flared up just to save myself the embarrasment. There is nothing I ever ask for apart from getting rid of these ugly things. It seems all my efforts for the past year are just wasting.

Then i heard about Accutane. I heard that with mild cases people have been clear within a few months, plus blackheads gone too. I was wondering with a low dosage, would it be worth it? I know the side effects, but these will be lowered because of the low dosage. Plus I have private medical, so I can get seen almost instantly, without my doctor disuading me so much.

I have put up with these things long enough now, I have done what the doctor said for 8 months straight. Is it now time for me to step it up and move on to Accutane? As clear skin is the only thing i'm asking for right now (and for the past year).

Please share your views, thanks for reading.

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