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The Regimen v. The Do-Nothing Regimen

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I thought i'd just share this with everyone and especially those of you who may be inbetween Dan's Regimen and the "Do nothing" Regimen.

After my two week Acne.org Regimen run I stopped cold-turkey and began on a "water only" approach. My skin took a change for the better in the first day. There was no redness or dryness. The next couple days I began to get several zits and I began flaking. I stuck it out for 5 days before returning back to the Acne.org Regimen.

Not sure where i'm going with this, but just thought i'd share and open it up for some discussion.


I have been reading a lot on the Message Boards about the "do-nothing", "no water/water only", and "caveman" regimens and I have sorta been convinced that those are better routes than the Acne.org Regimen.

I have been on the Acne.org regimen for roughly two weeks and my acne has gone down significantly. I will still usually have several pimples/zits going on. My main concern is the redness, dryness, tightness, and stinging feelings I receive. In light of those symptoms, I stopped the Acne.org Regimen and have begun a water only approach. The only time my face gets wet is from run-off in the shower. The redness is completely gone and my skin texture is just amazing and I just feel more comfortable with my skin. I do have some flaking but nothing unbearable. I only get tiny zits now, and they are gone within a day. My face isn't over oily either. I really like the way my skin is looking on the water only regimen. The moisturize from Acne.org Regimen would keep my face a tad greasy throughout the day, and that just wasn't cool.

I followed Dan's Regimen exactly. I was gentle and only used small amounts of BP but gradually increased.

Not sure which route I should take from here on. Any thoughts?

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If it works do it or don't do it lol

Seriously keeping my skin under control is the most important thing for me and while The Regimen works for me I'll stick to it.My skin has not been this clear in a very long time.

But I know people who find the do nothing routine works for them. Everybodys skin is so different what works for one won't do anything for another.

If one thing worked for acne without fail none of us would be suffering

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Hi Brandy,

I have tried Benzoyl Peroxide formulations (Benzac). Initially I had great results, but it eventually stopped working and my skin become super dry and coarse. So, after many alternative treatments, research and reading I've found that the following items cleared my skin by 80% in 4 days!! I'm currently 90% acne free!!!...I'm aiming for 100% clarity....

Here's what I've used:

1. Sea salt wash

2. Mineral salt based (i.e. Sodium Chloride [NaCl] or Alum mineral salt) crystal deodorant stick (applied to all affected face and body areas aftera shower)

3. Macadamia oil/vitamin E/ Lavender oil by Thursday Plantation

For more information please read my post below...


All the best :)


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