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Enlarged pores due to congestion, or pitted scars?

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So if you read one of my earlier posts, I asked if people had experienced those underneath the skin cysts that are stubborn enough that they stay for yrs. In this same area on my face (t/zone nose area towards cheekbone) I have a bunch of holes that look like they could be pitted scars or icepicks. Yet the Accutane seems to shrink them a bit, which makes me think that they could be enlarged pores from all the congestion in that area. I've HARDLY popped in that area but I know that scars don't only come from popping, they come from deep cysts. And since this is also the area with all of the deeply seeded white underneath bumps, could those holes be from old ones? I tried to take a pic but my camera isn't good enough to catch them. I don't have them on any other area on my face which is weird because I've had the ACTUAL cystic nodules on my chin, forehead, jawline, etc. and don't have any of these in that area. Maybe this area is more prone to pitted scarring? Anyone who thinks that they may know, PLEASE write back.


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I can't be sure wether or not you have scarring- you'd have to ask your derm to take a look. But I do know that before accutane many of my pores were unusually large because of excessive oil production. Taking accutane reduced the oil dramatically and my pores appeared to shrink! It was amazing. It took about 3.5 years for the oil (and enlarged pores) to come back Now I'm doing a 2nd course. Trust- your skin is going to look fantastic at the end of your course. Let the crazy drug work it's magic.

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