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My Acne is Making me incredibly insecure.

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The front of my face has maybe one or two small pimples and acne scars around my chin area. However, BOTH SIDES OF MY FACE HAVE SOMEWHAT EXCESSIVE ACNE. When some one is talking to me, I make sure I try to look at them and not turn my face even though I feel like everyone around me is staring at my acne.

I have spent thousands of dollars on treating my acne. I have used:

- ProActive

- SkiniD

- Neutrogena Products

-Clean and Clear Products

None of those worked, So i went to the dermatologist. Since then I have used:

-Solodyn (Been on it since February 21 2009)


-NeoBenz Micro Wash



-Dermatologist Cleanser

While using some of the above, I've gotten:

-Clear Light Treatment 3 times

-Red Light Treatment 3 times

-V beam 3 times

- Smooth Beam 1 time

- A facial once every other month

-Salyic Peel Treatment 5 times (but none recently)

As a freshman in college, My acne was at an all time high. Thats when I started to take Solodyn and used Ziana. It seemed to help a little. During summer, I did the V beam twice and did a combination of the red and clear light 6 times. My face started to look much better. I wasn't insecure anymore and everything was fine. I was satisfied with my face and my acne scars were disappearing. I probably got a pimple once every 2 weeks during summer.

Then came sophomore year, I broke out again after all of the treatments I have gone through during summer!!! I got a facial and then a combination of v beam and smooth beam. My face was really red but looked better. 2 weeks later which is now, I started to break out again. I have white heads, red bumps and acne scars plaguing my face. I am embarrassed to go out and my parents are getting upset spending so much money on my face when its just temporary.

I realized that i break out from stress. But I can't help it. Whenever I worry about a test or study for a test or think of how i did on the test, I start to worry. I try not to think about it but I end up thinking about it. My parents tell me that I break out because I drink sodas and eat too much chocolate. I can't say that I see myself breaking out from that. ( I hope not :snooty: )

I just started the ANSR regime. I am a month in and I can't tell if there is a difference. I am currently using Solodyn, Tazorac, and Benzoclin.

What should I do?! I'm tired of my acne. I can't afford to spend so much money on it when the results are temporary. :cry:

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I am no expert and don't even know what most of those treatments you've tried are. I can say that diet and stress DO affect a lot of people's acne. Your parents are probably not 100% correct, but the refined sugars in chocolate and soda are not good for you or your skin. I know stress gets to me as well. I'm in the military, work over 60 hrs a week on a good week (mostly nights), am a full time college student maintaining a 4.0 and have 2 disabled dependents (one of them is 6 yrs old). I am also out-processing for a 13 month tour overseas alone. So...... Stress much? Yea! Combine that with hormonal fluctuations and BAM I've broken out like I never in my entire life.

It can't hurt to try cleaning up that diet of yours and starting some regular exercise to help manage stress relief. Just sayin.... It's worth a shot. Read through the boards, I've found some valuable information here on vitamins as well. I've added zinc, melatonin and no-flush niacin to my routine.

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