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Change the way you think...about everything!

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I recently read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, and it has transformed the way I think about life. Tolle describes a simple method by which you can free yourself from your ego, or constant stream of thought. He suggests that we stay conscious in the present moment, instead of dwelling in the past (Which I often find myself doing) or imagining things in the future (Which I also often find myself doing). He urges us to realize that the present moment is all we ever have, so we should embrace it no matter what. Tolle also talks about how although we live in the world of form, the dimension of the formless is much more important. No amount of material possessions or temporary physical pleasures will ever make you feel complete as a human being. Only a deep connection with yourself and nature will give you a true sense of wholeness. Of course Tolle does a much better job explaining these concepts.

I feel like this book has had an amazingly positive impact on the way I think. When I begin thinking about the regrets of my past or the uncertainty of my future, I catch myself.

I am much happier with myself now :)

The Power of Now

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Good post..I have this book 'How to Heal your Life' (I think lol) and it pretty much says that too...it says that we should focus on the present and to be positive about it instead of thinking negatively about it just because of something bad that happened in the past. It also tells you how you can change the types of thoughts you have so that you only attract positive things and thus 'heal' your life...it's pretty good, definitely made me a more positive person.

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