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Any alternative to chafing gel to fill scars?

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iv had 4 pixel treatments, scars have improved slightly, but not enough to hold my head up high.

iv used chafing gel (uk version), that hasnt done anything to fill in my scars. iv even gone over my scars twice with this stuff!

how are u lot doing it? is there another alternative? i want something that is thick so that it really sits in the scars!

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I was trying to find something to fill in the pitted scars as well and found this system created by a hollywood makeup artist. It is supposed to fill in scarring, wrinkles, and uneven texture. It is called daphne dermal filler. Just google it for more information. It's like a skin colored makeup the you smooth over the scar. Also I was watching a video on their facebook site of this woman doing a demo with the system who had a large indented scar on her jaw-cheek region. It actually looked wonderful when she was done. I will be ordering it either next month or january to try it out. I'm hopeful.

Hope that helps :o)

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Hi there! Glad to hear that your scars are improving, and I know this is said a lot, but to you, your acne looks worse than it does to others!

And I would like to add that I have yet to meet a girl who has the slightest thing against a guy's acne/acne scarring. I have talked to many girls (some have boyfriends with pretty bad scarring) and they just really didn't care about the acne/pitted scars. Because they understood that acne/acne scarring isn't easy to get rid of and it effects so many people nowadays that it is almost quite normal to see a teenager with at least SOME blemishes, blackheads and redness.

I don't know how bad your scarring is, but I do know that there is little I can say to make you less self consious. But since you're a guy, I'm not sure I can help you much, but if you are willing to try some make up, then look into a primer.

Prefferences in primers can vary a lot from person to person, but in general, the good ones fill up your pores and pretty much give you a more even skin texture almost instantly.

Only alternative I can think of. Best of luck. :)

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il try anything but makeup....its takes too much time...gota put moisturiser, then primer, then blusher, the this then that lol...i duno how u ladies do it!

iv read everywhre that chafing gel was the best alternative to primer. but it hasnt workd for me, so im willing to try out REAL primers.

got any good suggestions? i live in the UK btw

i have found a few....which wud u recommend? heres a link:


dats is VERY nice of girls to say that but....i dont care what a girl says lol, i still dont feel comfortable with scars. i cant even communicate properly when face to face!

go to my gallery, the pics are there! my scars arent as bad iv seen people have, but woah, when standing under harsh lights...i feel like killing myself!


wow, i neva knew we sold smashbox here in UK, they only have three here (blue, orange and green), woud they be any good?


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If you live close to a Debenhams where you can get Smashbox, then I'd recommend you to stop by and just talk to the sales representative. Explain what kind of skin you have; oily/normal/dry/sensitive, tell her what you want; fill in your scars (maybe adjust your skintone a bit?). Be clear and if you are sceptical, ask her/him to try it on you, or ask for a sample - most high end brands offer these services. And if they're not so helpful at Smashbox, then go to a counter of another brand.

In your pictures, you don't seen to have redness or uneven skintone, so maybe go for the LIGHT version?


Just remember to be friendly, be clear, and be able to say no if they try to talk you into other things. :)

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im a guy (and i know other guys might have guts), i cant ask him/her the primer is for me! they'll laugh as soon as i turn my back towards them lol

tink i was wearing foundation in them pics, but i do have red marks which jus so happens to make my scars more visible ......argh!!!!!!!!!!! espeially when i get hot n sweaty during the day, they get even more red, as the blood rushes! but yeh, i might jus go buy the light one, thats if they have it at debenhams, because on their website it only shows 3.

i was thinkin os using lemon juice on my face which i read on here for the red marks, but ill wait and ask my doc when i go for my nxt treatment if its safe, as the skin is still sensitive.

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