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My scars and new acne are always on my mind

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How do you forget about your acne and scars and live a normal life? I seem to focus all my attention on them every day of the year. Even when fantastic things are happening in my life, all I can concentrate on is how awful and disfigured my face is :(

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Search "Mind over acne" by "I Am Snow" on this forum (I can't post links)

Can't stress enough how important this realization was to me.

After I quit checking my facial status several times a day(which was very, very hard), I lost interest in how my skin looks like, I lost acne.

Good luck

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Acne can be a mind over matter. But if you're like me, not thinking about acne will not cure it. Here's what worked for me.

Grocery list

1. acne free terminator gel 2% bp ( don't get the 10% it's too strong)

2. neutrogena healthy skin face lotion with alpha-hydroxy ( helps to fade scars)

3. Clean & clear sensitive skin foaming facial cleanser


1. Wash face gently and in less than 10 seconds with clean and clear

2. Let air dry at least 5 minutes

3. apply one acne free medicine in a long line on your index finger.

Take this amount and apply to face.

4. wait 5 minutes

5. apply neutrogena lotion (two pumps)


1. wash with clean and clear

2. Pat face dry and only apply lotion

Now if you have not used BP before do not use the full length of the finger amount. Work your way up to that during the course of a month. It will be too strong and perhaps burn your skin. Send me an email if you have any questions. I had been struggling with acne for years with no results. Now I have NO acne!! its great and I hope you can have the same success for your wedding day ; )

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