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PLEASE HELP-- Everybody ignores my posts- Retin-A Micro question

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Hey guys. I've posted twice and people have not been so friendly so far :(

Anyway, I'm on 100mg minocycline everyday for the past 2 years, and a 10% sulfur product called Prascion. This has been a very effective combo and I've been relatively acne free for like 2 years-- i'll still get pimples, but not more than a couple a week, and oftentimes not big ones. Otherwise my skin looks pretty damn clear. But under a makeup light I still don't like my skin -- I can see the big pores, the left over red marks and blackheads on the noise. Of course, in a regular mirror at the gym or whatever it's like "wow clear/smooth skin no problems!" -- but in high light it's clear I still have some problems.

So I'm trying retin-a micro. Question is -- does everybody experience an initial breakout? I've read that only 33% do, and my doctor said its totally individual and there's no way to tell. The posts I've read on this board would seem to indicate 100% of everybody on the product gets an initial breakout!? Anyway-- so is it 100% certainty that you'll get an initial breakout? And during what period? Thanks!

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Most people I know , including myself did experience an IB, mine started on week 3 and lasted a few weeks, wasnt a very nice experience of course but now after years on retin-a my skin is the best its ever been!!! It definitley takes time and patience but if u can get through it its worth it, at least for me it was. Good Luck :)

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