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Just not interested in anything

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I don't expect to get anything out of this thread, I'm writing this because I'm bored of typing up an essay, which I have minimized. I've just been wanting to write a thread like this for a while so I finally did it. I would never communicate any of this orally. I guess this is more like an anonymous diary entry, I would never write a diary entry in real life 'cuz I'm just too private like that.

I pretty much have no interest in doing anything. I'm male, 21 and in 2nd year of university. I hate the idea of working - I worry for my life after graduation. I've lost interest in going to the gym. I have no interest in getting my work done - at this rate I might fail. I've got essays to write and an exam to revise for which keeps me going (deadlines + exam is in within 30 days) i.e. doing an hours worth of revision takes me like 3 hours and I write like 200 words every week and I'm currently on 400 words so far out of the 4000 words I have to write.

I'm too sheltered at home. My dads put in around $30000 so far (first + second year of university). I've got electronic devices which I care more about than university. I've got maybe 2-3 friends - but tons of useless acquaintances around university. I've got 12-month placement jobs to apply for - and having average grades and no previous job, I'm not too optimistic about even getting as far as getting an interview.

Never had a girlfriend. I usually just sit in my room and only leave the house to go for lectures. One of my cousins died (I was sort of close with him, he was 19, lived in another country) accidentally died a few months ago and I thought "wow, finally something interesting in my life" and I milked it --> got rid of late penalties for an essay. And of course my face is covered in acne scars/marks/small white spots which is where my blame goes towards.

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