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Confused with my scars and acne... help!

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So I'm pretty sure that most of what is on my face is scarring and have realized that my acne is moderate. I just don't know what I should do first... try to cure my acne first or try to find a good way to treat acne scarring? I've tried many over the counter products and and it either irritated my skin or never showed improvement. I can see that if my acne wasn't covering my skin, I would be glowing! I've never not had acne and I don't remember what it's like to have clear skin. If I could have some suggestions or advice, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for reading!




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Well darling, you have to go get it treated first to make sure there isnt any further scarring. Over the counter products can only do so much, you will have to go see a dermatalogist or doctor, and I guess hope he gives you accutane, it does wonders for most. As for scars unfortunately you can't do much right now while you still have acne. I know what your going though, hopefully everything turns out fine.

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Hey Marinann, ur acne really doesnt' seem that bad at all and the scarring seems like just red marks which fades naturally over time. My face was worse than that about 5 months ago after i just got off accutane + then got chicken pox! I had so many red marks, but now it has faded somewhat and is only a light pink colour. For me what works is washing with cetaphil so i don't irritate it more, exercise to get the blood flowing, eat some fruits like an apple a day. The key is to not do anything to irritate it like some of the red marks home remedies do (for example vitamin E capsule applying to skin). Just basically leave your skin alone and just make sure it's clean everyday and nature will take care of itself.

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