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OK so I bought vitamins today. How does it look?

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OK. So, I am pretty much clear now. What I really want to focus on is my red marks, enlarged pores and OILY SKIN!!!!!

So I bought vitamins today at Wall Mart.

All of them are "spring valley" brand. I bought these because that's what I remember my parents using when I was little, but do you think this is a crap brand?

I got

A: 8,000 IU

Flush Free Niacin Inositol Hexanicotianate 500 Mg

D-3, 2,000 IU

I also have a trader joe's B-complex multivitamin and one other multivitamin..i forget what it is. How should I take these, and how often?

So, I also use a blue/red acne lamp, take backtrin, tazorac and benzaclin, and I use a 40% lactic acid peel once a week.

SO. What else do I need in terms of vitamins?

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I got

A: 8,000 IU

I'm not a Dr., but from what I understand, you should NOT take the vitamin A. This is why I say this. I have been doing research and wanted to take vitamins to clear my acne. I am currently on Ziana which is a retinoid topical gel. I called the pharmacist prior to buying the vitamins to check on any toxic reactions with all my meds and products I use with vitamin A, fish oil, and zinc. She warned me NOT to take vitamin A. Since the Ziana is a retinoid, it contains vitamin A. Your Tazorac is also a retinoid which means that it already contains vitamin A. Even though these topical medications go on the skin, they are absorbed into the bloodstream. She said that mixing vitamin A with a retinoid product has a very good chance of producing toxic results because vitamin A is one of the few vitamins that you can take too much of. If it doesn't produce toxic results, too much vitamin A could cause the acne to get worse. I hope this helps you. Myself, I just decided on fish oil to reduce the production of oil and zinc.

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