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IMPORTANT NOTE: You can use any brand of sea salts, mineral crystal deodorant stick (either Alum mineral salt based or sodium chloride based), plus macadamia/vitamin E/ lavender oil.

*****Sea salt is the world's oldest antibiotic known to man.*****

UPDATE: 2 Dec 2010...after 6 weeks my skin is now 98% clear!!!....will not need fraxel laser...also cutting down my vitamin supplement intake to only 500mg per week of niacin (non-flushing) and 6mg of betacarotene. My skin is finally healthy and glowing...happy to report that for the first time in decades, eating junk food has absolutely no negative effects on my skin...better hit the gym! :)

UPDATE: 25 Nov 09: Acne still at 90% cure rate...however, went to bed late & missed washing and applying the sea salt...plus I ate a few too many lollies!...had 3 new small whiteheads form on my chin...so I've now incorporated a daily tablet of 500mg of Niacin in the non flushing form of nicotinamide after reading this vitamin helped many people on this site..also added 12mg of beta-carotene and 2000mg of B5 vitamins. I'm aiming to have 100% cure rate without the use of Fraxel laser. However, if I can't get that last 10% acne clarity with this regime alone I will try fraxel laser in a month or so. We'll see how this goes...so far sooooo goood!....keep you posted :)

Hi All,

I have been reading your posts for some time and have found them enlightening. I now want to share my success story to help others.

I have had extremely sensitive, acne prone skin for a very long time...since I was 11-12. The severity of my skin condition has fluctuated from moderate to very severe. I don't have pitted skin but my skin condition is very coarse and almost always congested and bumpy with lots of whiteheads/pimples. (However, no matter what level your acne condition is, I'm sure the treatment outlined below WILL WORK TO CLEAR ALL LEVELS OF ACNE...however, if you have longstanding scars, discolouration and/or pitted skin conditions through cystic acne etc, you might also need to combine the treatment with Fraxel Laser or mesotherapy to get from 80% clarity to 100% flawless finish etc). I am now in my 30s and still flare up...I also have "bumpy" skin on my body, especially upper arms and behind my thighs. This is from a condition called Keratin Pilaris (KP).

To date, I have sometimes managed to attain smooth skin. This is usually when I regularly swim at the beach and sun tan. My skin seems to love this combination and I've read that others on this board have had the same experience. However, I don't always swim. And recently, I started using MD formulations and my skin erupted to the max! I had major bumps, whiteheads and comedones everywhere....

Luckily, after researching the net, I stumbled across some excellent posts and studies. So, in the last 4 days I became my own human "guinea pig" experiment and tried out some recommended treatments...and guess what??? THEY WORKED!!! I have had POSITIVELY SUPERIOR RESULTS!!! (And I've tried literally everything -- except for Roaccutane).


So far, MY SKIN HAS IMPROVED 80% IN JUST 4 DAYS USING THIS TREATMENT ALONE!!!!!!!! It's now nearing 90% cured!!!I kid you not!!!! I feel like jumping for joy!!! And I want to share this amazing (re)discovery with everyone!!!!


I believe if I combine this treatment with Fraxel Laser (to correct the decades of skin damage I've accumulated i.e. pigmentation problems, scarring etc) my current clear skin will be 100% super smooth and "normal" -- possibly even flawless for the first time since I was 11!!!! SO WATCH THIS SPACE, because before I try Fraxel Laser, I'll keep you posted with developments to see if I reverse the damage and attain 100% super-smooth flawless skin through this treatment alone (i.e. without laser treatment).

So how does it work? Well, because both sea salt and crystal mineral deodorant sticks kill all bacteria, fungus and virus' on your skin without damaging the skin. It also allows the skin to breath (i.e. makes the skin PH neutral)! Your skin simply loves this stuff!!! So, while the root cause of your acne is still not addressed (i.e. stress levels, hormonal imbalance, lymphatic system problems, general blood condition, liver toxicity, vitamin deficiency, poor nutrition, lack of daily exercise), it does, however, help you win the later stage acne battle. And my newly lustrious skin is proof of that! My skin hasn't looked or felt this beautiful in years!!! It's glowing!!! And it never does. It's usually super coarse. Instead, it's super smooth in most areas now.

I attribute the disappearance of the acne via the sea salt and mineral stick treatment and my new glowing complexion to the "macadamia, vit e & lavender oil" -- it has moisturized my skin back from dehydration to give it a lovely even texture. (My skin became super dry and wrinkled by "abusing" Benzac i.e. Benzoyl Peroxide).

So here's my bedtime regime:

1. I have a shower and wash my body with pure vegetable sandalwood soap.

2. I wash my face only with water.

3. I wash my hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner by Klorane.

4. I then take a bottle of Saxa Iodized Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt (look for green writing) and gently smear it all over my body and face (i.e. where I have skin eruptions). I then gently massage and leave it on for a minute and & then wash off with water. I DON'T wipe my face dry. Leave it clean and wet/ damp.

5. I apply mineral salt crystal deodorant containing ALUM to my wet skin whereever I have acne prone skin (face and body). I apply it until my skin is no longer moist. This takes about 3 minutes of rolling the deodorant on the infected areas.

5. I then get my "Thursday Plantation Macadamia, Vitamin E and French Lavender Oil" (these are the same people that produce tea tree oil -- which I find too strong for my skin) and smooth it over the wrinkle prone areas twice a week and undereye every night & day.

Purchase the macadamia oil here: http://www.thursdayplantation.com/Product%...odyOil125ml.htm

6. Put on my pjs

7. Sleep blissfully :)

Morning regime:

1. Wash with salt in the shower. Leave skin wet.

2. Generously apply the Crystal Mineral deodorant (mine's called Crystal Stick by the Body Crystal...it's the Crystal Alum type but I heard you can get a NaCl variety too which is just as helpful) all over my face and body. I usually take 3-5 minutes doing this as I want maximum coverage. This won't stain or affect your clothes.

NaCl mineral crystal deodorant stick used in study: http://www.thecrystal.com/product.cfm/id/1.../submit_thumb/2

Alum mineral crystal deodorant stick I am currently using:


3. I then add the macadamia, vit e, lavender oil on my face and body to my undereye.

4. Apply makeup as per usual (or not).

NOTE: Obviously, if you do the above, plus: exercise regularly, take a multivitamin daily, B-group vitamin supplement, zinc vitamins, low dosage vit A (be very careful not to exceed RDA as a too high dosage can cause birth defects in unborn babies), eat beta-carotene rich foods, take liver fortifying tablets (like milk thistle), eat a diet rich in carrots, have lots of herb based salads with continental parsley, grated beetroot and mint along with lemon juice/ olive oil (no vinegar!), rice dishes with steamed vegetables and turmeric, no soft drinks/alcohol or junk/fried foods (but dark chocolate is absolutely fine), eat plenty of fruits like kiwi fruit, watermelon and strawberries, stay away from coffee/tea / dairy foods/ ketchup/ bottled tomato sauce -- your results will be even more PHENOMENAL!!!!

I sincerely hope this information helps people on this website....it certainly worked for me....I'm sure it will work for everyone!!!! I know first-hand how deeply acne can impact one emotionally, financially and socially....basically, I think if this outlined treatment isn't a total cure, it's the next best thing...it prevents breakouts and the visual evidence of acne. And as far as I'm concerned, that result is far better than any treatment I've experienced so far...

All the best :)


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where did you find that putting deodorant on your face would be beneficial in ridding of your acne?

Great question dykim90!!!

Here's the study:


Basically, the Mineral Crystal Stick deodorant contains only mineral salt: either Alum or Sodium Chloride (i.e. NaCl). Therefore, it contains no harmful irritant skin products as it's 100% natural mineral salt. (Side note: That's why a lot of progressive make-up companies are now using mineral make-up which helps clear skin unlike those older chemical based make-up products that clog pores and make you break-out!). Essentially, the mineral salts kill bacteria that make you smell when you sweat; so, unlike other forms of anti-perspirants, Crystal Mineral deodorants don't stop you from sweating like those regular sweat-stopping dangerous Aluminium based deodorants!!!

So whilst your skin can breath the bacteria on your skin can't (including those nasty acne causing variety!!!) So, if you cover newly washed skin in mineral salt i.e. by applying the Crystal Mineral Deodorant stick, your skin will be free of bacteria and therefore clear-up!!! This rationale is beautifully illustrated by the Dead Sea example i.e. just as nothing lives in the Dead Sea because its full of mineral salt, so too no harmful acne causing bacteria can breed and wreck havoc on you skin because it's covered in protective mineral salt.

As your highly sensitive skin is protected from the bacteria, your skin can better repair itself.

Hope that information is helpful to you. So, give it try and let me know how it goes :)


Aqua Sea

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Hi All :)

I entered an update in the first post...but I'll recap here...I've been on the regime for just over a week...my skin has cleared and improved 90%!!! I'm sooo happy!!! :) However, I missed washing and applying the sea salt last night and my skin had 3 new whiteheads on my chin (my cheeks,however, are clear and the pores are tighter and smoother)...my forehead is looking much better but it has a bit more to go before I can say it's 100% cleared...so I've added the following to my vitamin supplement list to help boost the regime:

** 500mg of Niacin in the form of nicotinamide

** 2000mg of B5

** 12mg of beta-carotene

...will keep you posted to see if I can achieve 100% clarity without fraxel laser.



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I know you think this works and all, but how many times can you seriously post the same thing?!

I appreciate what you're saying....but I've lived with acne for sooooo long....I wish someone told me about this effective regime a loooooong time ago....I am now trying to reverse the damage I caused through using/abusing Benzoyl Peroxide...IMO it should only be used as a spot treatment, not a total face/ body solution....

I really want to help others....I have suffered deeply because of acne....I know that others will benefit from this treatment....hope you understand.

Peace :)

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Food for thought :think:

Sourced from: http://www.myacnereview.com/2007/01/14/tre...-acne-symptoms/

"...salt is one of the most effective treatments against any infection and is an essential part of the human body. And by drying oily skin (naturally), while not eliminating moisture, it prevents the development of further acne. You should apply it to affected areas anywhere on the body at least 2 times a day for the best results.


While drying the skin is essential for sufferers with OILY skin, if your acne is caused by DRY skin you should use this salt very moderately. Drying the skin too much can also cause acne...."

Sourced from: http://www.purecare.com.au/beauty/beautyscented.html

"Fragrance Free - Aluminium Free Crystal mineral deodorant

A 100% natural crystal rock made from natural mineral salts with powerful anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. No perfumes, oils, harsh chemicals, or propellants. Once applied a fine film of the mineral salts will remain upon the skin surface neutralizing the pH balance. This prevents bacteria from forming which is the common cause of body odour. Can also be used to reduce inflammation of insect bites, for foot odours, for athletes foot and for treating acne and skin blemishes. Lasts a very long time, and should you drop it simply put the pieces into a spray bottle with distilled water and you instantly have a liquid bacterial killer…"


AquaSea :angel:

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I know you think this works and all, but how many times can you seriously post the same thing?!

I appreciate what you're saying....but I've lived with acne for sooooo long....I wish someone told me about this effective regime a loooooong time ago....I am now trying to reverse the damage I caused through using/abusing Benzoyl Peroxide...IMO it should only be used as a spot treatment, not a total face/ body solution....

I really want to help others....I have suffered deeply because of acne....I know that others will benefit from this treatment....hope you understand.

Peace :)

Could you PLEASE tell me what side effects you saw from the Benzoyl Peroxide?

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"Sea salt is the world's oldest antibiotic known to man".

Hi Beautiful Day :)

Thanks for your comment....hope it's not too late to reply....basically, I started to get intolerably dry skin and loads of wrinkles...especially on my forehead....some of the damage I incurred was severe....it made my skin look unhealthy i.e. extremely dull and leathery with permanent dehyrated looking skin bumps on my forehead....and after years of "abusing" BP the treatment ultimately started to be in effective on my daily breakouts....I'm now trying to reverse the damage...so far, the results of using sea salt to wash my face and body and applying mineral salt based ALUM deodorant crystal stick on my wet clean face morning and night has yeilded nothing short of miraculous results!!! I also lightly apply macadamia oil by Thursday Plantation (with vitamin e & lavendar) every so often to nourish and heal the skin i.e. every day undereye and twice a week on other wrinkle prone areas. I have also cut down my vitamin supplement intake...I no longer take B5 supplements and only take 500mg of niacin (non-flushing) once a week and 6mg of betacarotene once a week. My skin have improved 98%!!! This result is so amazing that my plan to get fraxel laser to help "refinish & retexture" my skin to achieve a 100% flawless complexion is put on hold indefintely...my results after 6 weeks on this cheap, gentle and natural (i.e. no toxic) regime are phenomenal!!! I have got great skin now...I'm ultra confident in public, something I haven't felt in DECADES!!!! I can look people straight in the eyes and they look back into my eyes now too, not my skin!!!

Hope this information is useful :)


PS I have eaten so much junk over the Christmas break (i.e. chips, greasy foods etc) and have not had a breakout!!! It's amazing...I wish everyone could try this regime and get the great results I obtained...I'm sure they will, because sea salt is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral and very gentle on your skin..essentially, it stops acne and most other skin infections dead in its tracks, also the mineral salt alum in the crystal deodorant stick is PH neutral and stops bacteria, fungus and virus' from attacking your skin...thus your skin naturally heals as it radiates a suppleness and authentic glowing health...

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I have decided to join acne.org as a new member because of the post that your wrote about using mineral salts to help clear your acne. So, you can know that there is someone out there who appreciates your post.

About a month ago, I accidently injured the skin on my face after using a silver metal comedone extractor that they sell to remove blackheads. The evening I tried it, none of my skin came off. But my skin must be extremely thin or sensitive because the next morning when I went to wash my face, the topmost layer of my skin had been scraped off. I know that sounds unbelievable but it's true and it was so painful. Since I didn't know that this tool was going to tear the top layers of my skin off (and I didn't press that hard) I unfortunately had used the tool rather haphazardly just where I had blackheads which is all over my cheeks mostly. The tool has actually created vertical lines (fine cuts) in my cheeks. I've put neosporin and aloe and just about everything I can think of on my face to try and help it heal and to try and reduce scarring. It's been about a month since I used this tool (I used it once) and my face is slowly trying to grow back a new layer of skin on my cheeks. It is so TENDER, that there is no way I can touch it to remove blackheads. I gently pressed on bit of my cheek to try and remove a blackhead with my fingernails too soon after my injury and it actually removed another small chunk of skin (it's THAT TENDER now).

My point in telling you this, is that I have no way in the world to remove my blackheads with anything that causes pressure on my skin. For over a month I have not touched my cheeks with my fingernails. I will never use a silver metal comedone extractor again and I don't recommend it to anyone. So, I have decided to look around the internet and find other ways to try and deal with blackheads. These other ways, are what I call, the SOFT technique to get rid of blackheads while letting my skin try and heal. When I say my cheeks, I mean a wide area on both sides of my face.

I agree with you that benzoyl peroxide should be used more like a spot treatment. I used to use it all over my face with the Proactiv they advertise so much these days, but since I was injured, that product stings unbelievably and I cannot use it due to the irritation and reddening and drying of the skin. I used to use the microbead Proactiv cleanser before I was injured, but after the injury I would never dare to use any kind of abrasive microbeads because it will certainly tear and wear down my tender skin. I have tons of soaps and most of the sting terribly (you really notice that when you have broken skin).

I read recently about the OCM, which stands for "oil cleansing method" which does not use any soap and it has been very calming to me in this time of healing (or trying to heal). Before I go to bed, I fill a bowl with very very warm (but not too hot) water from my bathroom sink. I put my microfiber soft cloth (very soft) into the water water and then place the cloth over my face one to three times to open my pores with the warm water. I then put on a layer of oil over my face. I have using a 50/50 mix of CASTOR oil and SWEET ALMOND oil that I mixed together into a bottle. The castor is supposed be healing (it is very thick in consistency) and this is why I mix it half with a lighter oil like almond oil (which is lighter in consistency). Now that I have warmed my face with warm water and then added a layer of my oil mix, I let the oil sink into my face for a few minutes. I then empty my warm water bowl in the sink and put in a new batch of very warm water and put my cloth in the water (water is so amazing isn't it?). I put my warm wet cloth over the oil and repeat the warm water wet cloth over my face a few times until most of the oil is gone from my face. The very warm water will remove a lot of the oil but it will leave just enough to sooth you overnight while you are sleeping. I think that this method helps to soften the blackheads in my pores and keeps my skin moisturized and not too dry.

After reading your post about mineral salts, I crushed up some of the CRYSTAL mineral salt and put in boiling hot water for a bit, until it totally dissolved in the water. I then put the clear mineralized water into a nice fine spray bottle. So, after I have cleansed my face with the oil and softened the blackheads, I decided that this might be a good time to spritz my face all over with the mineral water that I made (thank you for telling others about this).

In the mornings when I wake up I no longer use a soap of any kind. I have decided to go natural with my skin care and it is making a difference. In the mornings, I get my little jar of 50/50 YOGURT and HONEY that I mixed and I apply this cooling cream all over my face. I let it sit on my face while I have breakfast and it will dry pretty quick. This mix does not sting my face at all and feels calming. After breakfast, and after it dries (it takes about that long), I go and get my bowl in the bathroom and fill it with really warm water and lay my warm wet cloth on my face. I rinse the cloth and then put it back in the warm water and then lay it on my face again for a few more times until most of it comes off. Then I thought, since my mineral water spray was really diluted, I might as well spray a fine mist on my face again in the morning.

Once a week (and once only), since it has been one month after I injured most of my cheeks with that tool, my skin is a little stronger so that it can take a GELATIN face mask or peel which I just learned about from my readings on the internet (the internet is so amazing too). You just mix some warm milk with some unflavored gelatin, a 50/50 mix of this, and then you wait until it starts to get thicker (it may take some time). When I first did this, I applied it to my face right away which was a mistake because it really is too liquidy at that point and may drip. Remember to wait for it to get thicker in the bowl, just thick enough to spread over your skin while it's still soft. Then WAIT. And keep waiting. It will dry. And when it does you will feel it. Then, gently peel the milk/gelatin mask off of your face. I have noticed at times that this mask or peel does a good job of pulling some of the blackheads out. No, not all of them and not all at once. But over time (and I have only done this method twice before) it will help me to remove some of the blackheads without ever touching my face with my fingernails or with a metal comedone extractor. Just be careful to not do this peel more than once a night. Once is good enough. Try again another night. I find this to also be a good exfoliator with less chance of injury from an abrasive material. One more thing, I do not use a brush to apply the mask (the hairs are too harsh and its not necessary)

The SOFT method I have described above, I have been using for about one month since my injury and I hope that if anyone is reading this, that this might help them. This soft method is radically different from what I had been doing in the past. I no longer use proactiv cleanser with the microbeads or anything abrasive (off-limits). I no longer use acne-statin salicylic acid which also has the parabens that irritate and redden my skin. I no longer use the spray from a shower head because water can be pretty hard on your face when sprayed from a shower head. I no longer use cool temperature water (I used to use cool water because I didn't have the patience for my water to warm up). I no longer squeeze my blackheads out with my nails (unfortunately I used to do that because I couldn't stand looking at them), but now I realize the damage that fingernails can do (even when I keep my nails extremely short). I no longer use the proactiv benzoyl peroxide lotion because my injury has made me aware of the irritation (maybe just a spot treatment).

And though I no longer use soaps on my face, I do use one soap to shower my body and clean my hair and to feel squeeky clean and that is GRANDPA's PINE TAR soap made since the 1800's which makes me feel squeeky clean without residue or overdrying.

I am trying so hard to help my own body heal itself....

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Ive been trying to get off bp forever and have tried EVERY alternative with no avail. Ive gotten down to once a day, but have used it non stop for nearly 10 years, switching between 10% and was using up to 3 times a day. Now im 21 and my skin looks far worse then it should at my age.

Im going to give this a shot on my chest and see what happens. If that clears I will switch to my face. I already eat a REALLY healthy diet which has helped quite a bit.

Ive taken epsom salt baths and used it on my chest and it didnt help. I think my acne there is more fungal based. I know the power of sea salt. Why else would they have you use it when you get a piercing to keep it clean from infection. I have hopes for this

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This is such a great suggestion, thank you aquasea!

I noticed the sea water clearing up my skin a long long time ago... Everytime I go to an ocean, my skin clears up. Well and of course, the country I live in has no ocean thousands of kilometers aroundrolleyes.gif

I´ve been experimenting with making my own home made sea water but I struggle to find the right concentration of salt... I usually make it too strong which results in my skin being too dry, sometimes even irritated (I have extremely sensitive skin). I might just try the crystal, sounds like a great idea!

BTW, I have had the same experience with BP (and other harsh chemicals)... My skin which was originally pretty thick, oily and resistant to irritation has changed through years into a dry disaster with lots of very premature wrinkles and it´s so sensitive I can´t literally put anything on it (even aloe vera is too irritating, can you believe that! :)

Oh, one more thing: so the macadamia oil doesn´t clog your pores? I´ve heard it´s rather heavy...

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