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I have NO idea what is going on..?

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So i just moved to albuquerque and i have experienced some changes in my skin...It has become ALOT more dry its flaking constantly and it was NOT like this in elpaso where i used to live. I believe that it has something to do with the water quality but im not sure so we are going to buy a water filter to see if that will help..But it is really puzzling to me that i could all of the sudden get dry skin when in el paso i didnt have this problem even my mother has been experiencing dry skin as well as dry hair. I also havent changed anything in my regimen so any help or suggestions?? Do you think that the water could be causing this?

Help is appreciated:)

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I would highly recommend buying a water filter. About 5 weeks ago I purchased and started using a water filter for my showerhead. It filters out the majority of the added chlorine in the water. I have noticed a definite difference in how dry my skin and hair get. I used to get dry skin a lot and my hair has always been frizzy and damaged looking. But, I am noticing a big difference in this ever since I started using the filter. My skin does not get dry anymore (unless of course I put too much of a topical treatment on it...). My skin always had a thin layer of dry skin on it, no mattter how much I moisturized, but not anymore. And if it does happen to get dry for whatever reason it becomes remoisturized much quicker than it used to. My hair has also been much less frizzy. It is very soft now and has a nice shine to it. It only cost about $35. I purchased from Lowes.com. The shipping was quick. Just make sure to read the reviews, because some of them will crap out on you very quickly. Every 6 months you will have to replace the filter, but it only costs about $15. Worth it to me! Good luck!

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