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When I drink alcohol, my spots really show up red.

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I don't know weather to call it breaking out, because its fine the next day. My acne is okay one minute, and just a few light red bumps on my skin, but I drink alcohol and I look in the mirror after about a hour of starting drinking, and my acne is really bad. The spots are really red and show up, which is really annoying.

I drink Vodka and coke when i'm out (the only drink I like) and i don't know why, it just does it! And because I go out to a club once a week, it really depresses me for the whole night and I just end up feeling really ugly all night and have no confidence with girls. :(

Anyone have this problem? Anyone know how to help it? I heard anti histamine tablets work, but I dunno...

Oh, and please don't say "Don't drink" because thats not an option.

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Yeah it's probably just flushing. Alcohol has a tendency to cause a flush in some people. A few recommendations would be to make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the night. Also, I'd try to minimize the amount of coke you use, because sugar spikes can cause flushes in some people- I'd say try and eliminate the coke altogether. How about vodka with club soda and lime? I think it's pretty good. Make sure you eat a good hearty meal before drinking too.

Definitely do not drink while on anti-histamines.

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So theres nothing I can do/take to prevent this? apart from water? and i sometimes have lager aswell which also does the same. Is there no tablet or anything I can take before it?

And I usually do have a healthy meal, I rarely eat unhealthy and drink about 4 litres of water a day, everyday.

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