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can anyone give me some advice??

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i have just finished my first pack of yasmin after being on diae for about 4 years. I wanted to switch because i've heard diae isnt healthy over the long term. I have been breaking out non stop sinc getting on yasmin. Is yasmin as effective for acne as diane is? ive read some studies that say it is....do you think im experiencing and initial breakout from changing pills or is yasming just not as good for acne as diane????? im about to start the placebo pills so i could go back on diane in a few days....

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Can't give advice but would be interested in replies, I switched from Dianette to Yasmin 6 months ago - everything was fine for 6 months and then sudenlly wham - greasy hair and spots again. Makes me think the Dianette was stored for 6 months, then ran out and the yasmin does not work

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this blows, im scared of going back on diane because people say its bad for you and because i cant be on it forever....but my only other option is accutane which i am way more scared of!!! FML!

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DD went on accutane and it did not help her. However, I wouldn't be afraid of it. Most people do fine on it with just a few annoying symptoms. I personally think it's worth the risks to have the chance at lasting clear skin.

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I would try going back to my Dermatologist and ask if he/she could do a test to see if your acne is hormonal, or a cause of a hormonal imbalance. If so, I highly recommend asking the Derm to put you on Spironolactone. So far, it is the #1 hormonal acne treatment out there, and it seems like it it has a very good reputation. It does not permanently cure hormonal acne, but as long as you are taking it, your acne will diminish greatly, no matter how severe. What's also great about this drug is that you can take it for a long time, supposedly for the rest of your life if you really need it for that long, because it isn't an antibiotic. You also need to be on a birth control pill along with the Spiro to see clearer results. I would suggest Yasmin, Yaz, or Ortho-TriCyclen.

And topicals? Benzoyl Peroxide cream - specifically Clean and Clear Pursa-Gel 10 cream. It works wonders. It actually got rid of most of my facial acne.

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