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Day 19 - such the optimist.

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What's up ya'll?

My name is Kris and I am new here. I started a blog but seeing as I don't get much feedback, I decided to post a log.

I am currently on generic accutane. Today, obviously, is Day 19 for me. I am on 40mg of Claravin and other than some headaches, mild muscle aches & horrible dry lips, I am doing well! I did have a significant breakout two days ago, but sheesh, what's another breakout with the too-many-to-count in my lifetime? I am determined to remain optimistic and beat this thing down. I am 29 and have tried antibiotics, retin-a, proactive and many other topical/oral/regimens and have still suffered for years on end....

I have noticed a decrease in appetite which seems kind of odd, but hey - if I can lose some weight in the process, it's a win-win.

Today, I was walking through the mall with my husband and son (the hubby needed some new shoes) and this girl was sitting on the bench in the middle of the mall. As I walked by, she shouted "ACNE! PROACTIVE!"

I started to get angry, but then I realized... This exterior of me, was not the interior I portray. I may be ugly with acne on the outside, but I know my inside is beautiful. My ugly can be fixed (fingers-crossed) but this poor girl had some healing to do on the inside.

I pulled my son closer and smiled at him. How lucky I am to have a caring and wonderful son and a loving husband! I walked on - head held high.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Keep the faith!


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Wow that's meassed up!!! I haven't had anyone say something THAT rude but I hae had many experiences where people seem totally comfortable pointing out my acne and giving me lame suggestions on how to take care of it!!! Don't worry about that girl! Trust me, accutane will fix you right up but you do have to be patient. I am on my 6th and final month of 80mg sotret a day. I weigh 160. Took until almost the end of the 5th month to completely stop breaking out but after the third month my skin looked awesome!!! Keep us posted and maybe post some pictures. I'm curious to see if urs is as bad as mine was! I'll post some of mine as well

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Wow, I feel like I probably would have cried if someone said something like that to me. Are you sure it wasn't someone at a Proactiv kiosk trying to sell it or something? I just don't want to believe random people could be so mean.

Just to let you know, I started out with very severe acne with significant scarring. 5.5 months later I am doing great, the only "scarring" I have are some red marks where I had cysts. I wouldn't say I have my self-esteem 100% back, but I'm well on my way. :)

Good luck!

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Oh yes! Thanks for your encouragement!

No, this girl was just some random chick, sitting on a bench with some of her girlfriends. I assume they were bored and decided to embarass people for fun.

I guess I have a tough skin. Like you Shellbell, I have experienced many friends and family members, even complete strangers, come up to me to ask me whats wrong with my face and if I am eating properly and what they think I could possibly do to make it better. HA!

My mom was always one of those people. She was extremely hard on me growing up and didn't think twice about telling me I look horrible, especially in public. But acne had always been an irritating part of my life, guess I just got used to it. Did I mention she was Korean? If you know any Korean moms, you'll know just how tough and strict they are... She is still my best friend, I just had to learn how to take her critism and advice, and move on.

Let's see Day 20. Nothing really new to report except for this now bothersome coldsore I have on my lip. Just add dryness and viola! Instant misery!

But again, I am determined not to let this get me down. I have so many more days to go. I have yet to see improvement, but I know it's-a comin!

I will try to post a pic of the massacre tonight, I just have to find my camera.

Thanks ya'll for writing!

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Wow that was really rude. Haha I hate proactive with a passion, partly becuase it does not work, but mostly because everyone sees those commercials and believe that clearing acne is as simple as proactive. It's so awkward watching tv with someone when Jessica Simpson comes on, going on about it showing her "awful skin" of about 4 blemishes... Haha I just wait for someone to say something.

At my school whenever the subject of acne comes up, people always think it's because of unhealthy eating, or the person doesn't wash their face.... But we all know that if thats all it took, we'd have the clearest skin of everyone.

Fortunatly soon, you won't (and hopefully me too) won't have to deal with that BS.

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I know how you feel, really. On Saturday I was in the mall with my friend picking out a dress for this Friday (I'm turning 19 on Friday!!!), and I was in a good mood, until we walked past a stand that sells spa skin care, and the salesgirl walked up to me, and she was like how old are you? I thought it was kinda weird that they just come up and ask for your age, but I answered anyway, and then she was like, can I show you something for your acne?

I was sooo embarrassed, and really offended at the same time. I said no thank you and walked away. My friend, either she didn't hear the question right or she was just being a sweetheart, she was like oh you know they're probably just gonna put stuff on your nails and sale you a filer or something.

My day after that was pretty much ruined.

I'm on Accutane also and I really hope it works, and good luck to you too!

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Hey RRW, fellow Vancouverite!.. Haha you know I had one of those stupid booth people stop me too, it was "instant beauty".. Thankfully I was alone, but I thought it was strange he was stopping a guy.. Anyways I'm too nice and I went along with his sales presentation about some kind of hand stuff... And then of course he points out my bad skin (and it would normally have bothered me more but i knew I was going on accutane at the time) and he goes on about how it would clear it.... Right, I've heard that before. Now I make sure to walk on opposite sides of the aisle, or avoid the aisle all together where the booth is located haha.

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I just wanted to say good luck!

I'm on day 25 myself. Tomorrow is my 24th birthday and I'm not really looking forward to the the fact that any pictures taken are going to be with me having probably the worst complexion of my life, but I'll deal.

I never had acne until my senior year of high school, and it's just gotten progressively worse since then. Sure there's been ups and downs, but now my face is covered with cysts and I finally said enough is enough and went to my derm for accutane. I've tried everything else and I want to be rid of acne forever. It's put a huge damper on my social life, especially dating. But I'll stop there, I don't need to tell you guys how much acne sucks.

So now I'm on 40mg of Claravis. The first week and a half it seemed to really dry out my face but actually kept my acne somewhat in check. Sure I still had zits on my face, but they seemed to be reduced in size and improving. Now, at day 25, it seems like the medication isn't doing the trick anymore, sort of like my face has adjusted. I started putting Benzoil Peroxide back on to help reduce some of the new breakouts I'm getting, but it's still just as bad as ever. I hope my derm bumps me up to a higher dosage. Have you noticed any improvement at all?

As for side effects I've had a few aches and very chapped lips. The one side-effect I'm worried about is muscle weakness, which it says can be permanent. I just don't feel as strong as I did a few months ago, but I think it has more to do with not hitting the gym in weeks and the fact that I'm looking for it makes me notice it more. I hope that's the case anyway, I wish there was a way to tell.

But anyway, I know how much of a pain it is when others say things about your acne. Some try to say I'm eating wrong, others make jokes about acne--not necessarily to me--but it's not cool regardless. I try to just shrug them off, but it really sucks knowing there's not much you can do for it--except wait for the accutane to take it's course, which I'm feeling pretty hopeful about.

Anyway, good luck with your course and I hope you see some great results soon!

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Hey i just want to tell you your skin looks great and im pretty sure accutane will take care of the rest, and i just gotta share about someone making comments about your skin and sell you products that dont really work so yeah it was like a few couple months ago, this guy just came up to me on walmarts parking lot i guess he was selling gospel or some thing and when he looked at my skin he made a comment about baking soda and it would make your skin soft like a baby's butt ofcourse i didnt believe him especially after when he was saying that if you buy the gospel he was selling you'll get a 20% off in dennys its like he flys from one topic to another so i just shrugg him off pretty funny though after a couple of days when i went back to walmart he was now offering to shine your tires and clean your windows... oh i'd never forget that guy :clap:

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Ya, I hate those dead sea skin care kiosks at the mall!!! My in laws run seasonal kiosks, and their always put by the dead sea people... Their sales tactics make me sick, and besides having dead sea minerals, their products are really crappy! They set people up for $1000 packages of skin care all the time for crap! It really makes me sick... I could never do that! And how does pro active make so much money? I don't think I've met anyone who uses pro active with flawless skin... Most people say it didn't work for them (including me), and people happy with it have very dry dull skin and they still constantly fight breakouts!!!

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Aww thanks for relating! Those people at the mall kiosks are very annoying, they sell by entrapment. A horrible thing to do to a person, but everybody's gotta make a living, right?

I think I have another doozy! I work in the sales industry and have regular customers that I sell to. Well for Christmas two years ago, one of my customers bought me a gift....Wouldn't you know, I open it up and it was some sort of mud soap that you use on your face!!! If I were a guy, that would be an extreme kick in the nuts :P

Proactiv never worked for me either, in fact, it got worse everytime I stopped using it because it wasn't working in the first place... I see the commercials and laugh. I even tried the oh-so-expensive Dr. Perricone regimen and can't believe I wasted so much money on stuff that smelled like poo...actually yes I can believe it, I mean before this, its all I ever spent my money on...can anyone relate to that? LOL.

Day 22 for me today. Yeah, I think the effectiveness has slowed down quite a bit. On a good note, I don't see very many new zits, but the ones I have are still there. I do notice they aren't as red as normal, but still visible... My cold sore is going away finally and I found the absolute best stuff for my chapped lips. It's in this little pink container and its called Daily Conditioning Treatment or DCT made by blistex. It feels 10 times better than vaseline (stays longer too). It is like instant relief, I bought it last weekend and it's almost gone!

I am going in for my blood test Monday and I am soooo nervous! It will be my first one since I started... Hopefully all goes well and I can continue my course. And if I pass, I vow to eat more veggies!


Edited by krisblack
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Day 25 -

Let's see. My eyes are literally popping my contacts out with every blink. I have resorted to using my spectro specs for the remainder of the course. Chapped lips really suck! Now when I smile, I tend to look like Fire Marshall Bill from SNL & in living color from way back in the day. In case you have no clue to whom I am referring to, here ya go:

Other than that, the face seems the same, I have a few new minor blemishes, but nothing too scary. Still waiting to take the blood test to start on my second month, still a little apprehensive about this, but I hope for the best.

Anywho, hope everyone else is having a great Turkey Day. I am thankful for the support from Friends and family on my quest to clear skin!!!



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I am also starting to get a nasty rash on the back of my hands. It's like red near each hair folicle. So I started to read some of the other posts on here. Going to the derm next week, I'll let you know what I find... Eczema huh? Wow, this is pretty painful!

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Hey Kris,

For the rash, I would recommend "Lanacaine".. I always seem to get an itchy rash around my waist this time of year (non accutane related), and it can last for weeks... This is the first year I picked something up for it, and it worked great. Took away the itch immediately, and started healing it pretty fast too.

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i'm new as well, been a lurker for a long long time. decided to make a progress log.

so glad to read all this & not feel so alone.. SO know the awkwardness of a proactive commercial coming on with someone else in the room!!! and YES those mall kiosk chicks, ugh!

i've had acne since i was 12, i'm 24 now. CRAZY!!!!!

..AND my mom also is a bit harsh about pointing out when im having a bad breakout. AS IF I DONT NOTICE! :doubt:

O, KRIS! as for cold sores, take the supplement L-Lysine! it totally suppresses them its amazzzzing.


does anyone knw how much accutane is w/o insurance? i truly feel that is the only thing that will help me. psyched to see yr progress! good luck!

i'm getting a BETA peel on wednesday, my first.. hoping that will make a difference...


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Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

I hope your course is going better than mine. Looking back at the photos at the start of my course, I think my acne has actually worsened. Is that normal?

At the start




1 month in (today)




Edited by phero
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Hi Kris! I truly admire you. You have a sense of pride and gratitude that is so rare in people these days. I admit that when I have a bad breakout, especially on my chin, I just want to run and hide. But, like you, I have the added blessing of a loving family, boyfriend, and supportive friends. Hang in there and you will get clear!

Best wishes,


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Wow! Thank you so much for the advice and support! It really helps having you guys here :)

Today would be Day 28. I have noticed that I have gotten quite a bit worse too. I had heard and reading others logs, some do get worse before they get better, so I'll chalk it up to getting everything out in the open before it clears up. I took my blood test this morning and have my derm appt tomorrow morning so I'll ask him what he says.

For the rash, I have a friend that has excema and she says that the rash I have is eczema. I read about it. It's called accutane induced eczema. It's just weird, every pore on the back of my hands are red and bumpy, but it was because I wasn't moisturizing my hands enough. Thank God I don't have it anywhere else.

One more thing I have experienced is the taste of blood in my mouth on occasion. It's like a metallic taste. When I spit, it's maybe tinged with red, but not full blown bloody and I have never had a nose bleed in my life. I plan on talking to the derm about this too. Hopefully it is no cause for concern.

One question I have is, does everyone diet while on accutane? Concerned about liver test, I don't like to diet, I'd rather eat what I want in moderation and work it off. As I had mentioned before, I have noticed a pretty significant loss in appetite while on accutane and is just wondering if I should be dieting or if I can continue to eat the way I want... Any suggestions?

Hope you guys have a great night and will let you know what happens at the derm tomorrow. :)

Edited by krisblack
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I was always under the impression that the medicine should be taken with food. Something fatty if possible. I never heard about needing to change your diet. In fact, it actually says on my packaging that sudden weight gain or weight loss is a negative side effect to watch for--meaning your weight should stay the same, or well, at the very least not change 'suddenly'.

Oh a good luck at your derm apt!

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Hello all and Phero!

Went to the derms today. My cholesterol & triglycerides were up and guess what? I am on a low fat, low cholesterol diet if I want to continue my meds... My high cholesterol was a gift from my Dad's side of the family and apparently my eat whatever I want wasn't exactly working out for me... So Diet and exercise it is, there's no way they are pulling me off what seems like my only chance to get rid of this thing once and for all...Can I get an Amen?

As for the worse before it gets better, my derm said I needed more improvement and was about to up my dosage until I told him about the metallic blood taste I had been experiencing. Not too concerning for I was right, it was my dry nasal cavaties draining down my throat. We decided it would be best to wait 1 more month to monitor it before I move on to 60mg (in other words 30mg twice a day). Apparently that is the most I can take for my weight... A little disappointed about the symptom, I was hoping we could move on to a bigger dosage for more effect, but I'd rather be safe than sorry... He did say that I must be getting the acne beneath the surface out into the open, I have heard the higher the dosage the more apparent the result. Phero, maybe asking the derm if upping the dosage could be possible - as long as you aren't experiencing any worrisome side effects?

The rash was due to the accutane and I didn't have much to show for it because it was gone by the time I walked into the office. 2 days of heavy moisturizing did the trick.

Other than that, I ordered new contacts from my optometrist...The Accuve Oasis which is better for dry eyes...Can't wait for those!

Anywho, thats it for the update. I have new blemishes since yesterday and a few of those are still cystic acne so hopefully if not this month, than by next month - I can start noticing a significant difference. The girl in the office did note that my face is looking a lot smoother in the spaces that had acne before which is nice, just wish the rest would disappear.

Have a good night ya'll!

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Day 33

Not much to report. Have a couple new actives on both sides of my cheeks, the ones on my jawline have minimized. I have been reduced to completely wearing glasses until the new contacts come in... No new symptoms or side effects...everything seems ok!

I have been glad for the busy of Christmas, it gives me less time to think about how I must look and more time to concentrate on getting gifts for loved ones as quick as I possibly can so I can relax and enjoy the holiday. Did feel a bit greedy at the mall today and indulged in two new outfits and a new purse. I just can't wait until this is over and I can start having a real reason for waking up in the morning!

Good luck to everyone else on their journeys.

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Hey Krisblack.

Reading through your log and the part about the girl in the mall is terrible.

It truly emphasizes how cruel and idiotic some people can be.

Just remember that that girl must have been severely unhappy with herself as a person and that is much worse than having any kind of acne.

Good luck with your course.

It will work wonders for you.

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