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Again here!

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Hi!!!! Now i'm here again, after long long time, i have lot of problems with my work, but now all is ok, and i want to share my "daily battle" against the scars.

I have to say that i'm really impressed with vinegar method. It works, without any kind of doubt. And i have see that little "tricks" can increase the effectivity; for example, i apply the vinegar, and after 30-35 minutes i apply it again. My skin is not sensitive, i can apply vinegar all the times that i want i i didn't notice any pain or redness.

I have to say too that i failed with the lemon, i take it maybe 1 or 2 days in a week, but now i think i'll try to add in my bottle every day. And as i say in other post, i'm using Q10 before sleeping. I'm drinking soy milk but just a little every morning.

And i think this is important too: i use apple cider vinegar, but saturday and sunday i try to use wine vinegar.I noticed that every monday the ACV vinegar works with more power, and of course every month 2 or 3 days i don't apply anything to the skin (well just the Q10).

Tamara: Is so nice to see you again here, and thanks a lot for telling us the vinegar method. Best thing i ever see.

Keep in contact!

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i just started using the vinegar method yesterday on my ice pick scars on my nose...can't really tell much yet obviously on those ice pick scars, but a couple of red marks seem to be lighter...

do u dilute the apple cider? Right now I started off light, with 2 parts water 1 part vinegar...

and what is q10?

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^^^ thx I already use ACV, and I got some lemons in the fridge was about to rub the juice on but glad i asked

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Hi people! No, i don't dilute it because my skin is not so sensitive; about the lemons, i squeeze one every morning in a 1,5 L water bottle; i drink all the day from it. Is really amazing.

ACV is supposed to not work on ice pick scars, i don't know really if this is true cos i have only rolling scars.

Q10 = coenzyme very important for the skin that increases the celular renovation without any side effect, that is the difference with retinoic acid.

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