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Well i started the regimen nearly a week ago after feeling down and self-concious about my chin acne. I've had it for roughly a year or so now and would describe it as mild, i know theres people out there with severe cases and i really feel for them but i would describe myself as a lively, outgoing person and the spots on my chin were making me concious and i would usually try avoid eye contact becoming withdrawn so much so to the point where many people were commenting on it.

Now i've tried many skincares over the year such as clearasil, clean and clear etc most over the counter products all which seem to have little to no effect. When i came across this i read the messageboards and became very hopeful so decided to give it a shot. My acne was usually a few pimples and whiteheads but after a week its gotten ALOT worse, i would now describemy acne as moderate as it is covered with big whiteheads and painful cysts and a load of little white spots under my skin which will progress into spots.

I have never felt this bad about my appearence in my life, im gutted and feel so down..

The products im using are: Clean & Clear deep action cream wash

Panoxyl aqua gel 2.5%

Erythromycin / Zinc 4 / 1.2% lotion (doc perscribed me)

Simple replenishing rich moistureiser

these are used 2-3 times a day. Please help..

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Don't mean to sound rude, but I think you're overdoing it! your skin's natural method for healing is using its own natural oils. Constantly stripping it of those oils and damaging the skin cells simply exacerbates the problem. If you've already changed your diet (avoiding dairy, tons of water, fish oil tablets, etc.), I'd simply recommend using all of those once a day or once every two days. And the best method of cleansing is done in the shower, with or without a cleanser. But just attacking the outside of your skin doesn't target the problem... it'll dry out the zits you have at best, but you'll certainly end up with more. Hope this helps.

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I agree, I think you're using way too much stuff on your face. Why don't you switch to a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil? My skin has cleared up 99% using a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil), 2.5 BP, and a light moisturizer.

Also, whenever I "experiment" I always breakout like crazy. So far, the only thing that has worked for me is Dan's Regimen!

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Some people purge during their first few weeks on The Regimen. Sometimes the breakouts can be pretty bad, which can be discouraging.

Just keep in mind that it's more than likely just that the BP is helping to pull all the crud that's in your skin to the surface, and that's why you're breaking out. Just stick with The Regimen, and the breakouts should get smaller and less severe until you're just staying clear.

The Regimen can be pretty rough in the beginning. Keep your chin up. : )

Also, for The Regimen, you should be using a non-medicated cleanser (yours has Salicylic Acid in it, and using SA and BP at the same time can be overly irritating), treating with 2.5% BP, and moisturizing twice a day--not three times a day, which, again, can cause too much dryness and irritation, and irritation can lead to breakouts.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I'll look into the cetaphil then and cut back to twice daily, also i havnt really considered altering my diet as i consider it relatively healthy anyway but are there any suggestions?


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