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Accutane and Marijuana

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Is it safe to smoke marijuana while on accutane??

Evidently people react to both substances in different ways, but what do you all recommend?

Im sure it is safer not to while on the drug, but i think it may be tuff to quit, especially when I cant consume alcohol. I cut back on smoking significantly, but like mentioned, I think it will be extremely hard to quit entirely.

Also, a couple days ago I totally broke down and suddenly became very depressed. I dont have severe acne by any means, but there are several factors which have really gotten to me, and ive reached a plateau and am very fed up with having acne. I think this sudden breakdown could be attributed to the fact I quite smoking for a week, and the withdrawls combined with accutane resulted to this.....and this is why I would like to continue to smoke in moderations....

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You'll have to ask your doctor or derm about what kind of interactions can happen when those drugs are combined.

Because marijuana is illegal, no one here can really tell you that it's "okay" to use it. It's not.

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yes you are correct in that people react to marijuana differently. i think that people that do not have acne are not affected by weed at all for some reason. but people with acne seem to get more breakouts. that was my case for sure. it definitely made my skin more oily, my spots more intense as in the redness, it also made me break out more because of the more oil. i use to smoke a lot. maybe 3 to 5 times a week in my senior year. then i stopped completely before going to college. and i definitely think it has helped that i stopped. and i am glad that i did because i definitely depended on pot on everything. it made things more chill and easier to cope with things but ultimately it made my acne worse. i would recommend not to rely on it too much. i KNOW it makes everything BETTER but you should not depend on something that bad. plus it makes you really damn lazy.

oh i think it made me more oily is because marijuana is fat/lipid soluble and sebum (oil) is composed of triglycerides/fats/lipids/etc so i guess my body seem to expel the drug out of my system through my secreted sebum

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It's alot easier said than done italianboy lol.

But yes, I do notice that my acne seems to worsen while smoking (it could all be in my head though), and that why I have decided to quit till im finished my cycle.

I figured since I am very physically active, and have easily managed to proceed with university, and other important aspects of my life while smoking pot it wouldnt really make any difference....but because getting clear is my main priority right now, im going to stop and see if there is indeed any trends in smoking and my acne situatiion....

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