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Face Lotion to use on Accutane

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I am currently using CeraVe, but I have heard there actually are pore clogging ingredients in it (someone on this website said that). I am breaking out more and I'm blaming it on the lotion, it might not be because of the lotion but just incase I want to switch face lotions. Any suggestions?

I'm desparate!! :shifty:

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Personally I love the CeraVe cream, and it was recommended to me by my derm so I doubt it will break me out. If you want, you can buy the cream in a tube from drugstore.com whereas in the stores it usually comes in a big tub. I feel like the tub gets dirty from always having my fingers in it, so I only use the cream from the tube on my face.

Sometimes people on these boards have great advice, but other times I think they make things up or repeat rumors they have heard... why not take the CeraVe to your derm, ask him to check the ingredients, and make a recommendation from there?

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I use cetaphil and I love it I go from dry and flakey to smooth in a like a second when I use it and it lasts all day. Plus you can get it basically anywhere which is very convient

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I use jojoba oil as a makeup remover(better than anythign!) and then I use just water as a cleanser? Toner? Basically, water is everything for me.

Jojoba oil removes my makeup(don't have alot on) and then also cleans my skin, so it's enough to ujse only water.

And also, anything else than this combination would dry me out.

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