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Does anyone have any feedback on these products. Thank you.

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody can give me their feedback especially if they have tried the following products or heard good things about these products through other people.


The super Cop x2 and Super Serum.

I have a few icepicks scars, a few indented ones, really large pores, hyperpigmentation. My skin looks so rough and old, for my age my skin shouldn't look as old as it does. It absolutely depressing and affects my everyday life to the point I don't go out, I won't meet people. I am almost destroying my marriage because I feel how can anyone be attracted to me.

I would really appreciate some feedback.

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sorry i dont know anything about those products either but your skin sounds exactly like mine so if you decide to try it out could you please post if you see any positive results.

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I've been using the super CP serum since February or so and the results are pretty good and I'm pretty much scar free except for some pesky hypertrophic scarring. However I have also been dermarolling during this time. The serum is pretty good for fine wrinkles, colour and skin texture but I don't think it will have a huge effect on scars on its own to be honest. I still love it though, even if it stains the skin blue/black, smells like toilet water and costs around 100 bucks per bottle to get here in Sweden. :)

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WC4608 if I do try them, which is looking more likely that I will, I will try to update you on that.

Fruk. Thanks for your reply. I did read that somewhere, about the staining and the stench of the product. I am also looking into doing the derma rolling to build collagen where my ice pick scars are and to reduce my enlarged pores. I am wanting to get the Super CP Serum and Super cop just to improve texture and hyperpigmentation. So it sounds like a combo of both might be a little promising.

Thanks to all that replied to this question. Much appreciated.

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