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Is being skeptical bad?

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*taking a deep breathe*

This is my first time typing into this section of the forum. *sigh* Since two years ago, I've been trying many products, doctors concoctions, and treatments. My mom worries about my face and has invested and searched for many products for me to use. When I say doctor concoctions I mean like herbal medicine. There has been herbal medicine that resulted in diareha to clean out my stomach and intestines. MOST those herbal doctors always say that my body has too much heat and they all stem to my face and cause pimples. I've also tried facials and all those squeeze to my face hasn't shown much improvement either. I've even tried acupucture for around 1-2months, with no results. I try all these from my mom. My mom has this new product called Renaskin, I suppose to eat and apply it to my face. She always says that "her friend's friend cleared up doing this" I always answer with "is there proof" We end up in a heated debate. I know I am being skeptical, but this product is not cheap it is like 80 bucks a bottle.

What you guys think? I'm ranting but ****..... -_-

this is stress, cause I dont want to argue but ****.... Is being skeptical that bad....

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Well first of all, welcome to this forum. :angel:

It's nice that your Mom is eager to help, although I can understand your feelings. Is skepticism bad? I wouldn't say so... after all, you can't believe everything.

If you have acne, chances are you've already given up on any 'miracle cure'. You've seen, heard, & tried just about every 'solution' under the sun. And yet, you still have acne. I think you have every reason to be skeptical, what with all the ads, remedies, treatments, and products out there that promise great results, but don't work all that well. Especially when you're paying big money for these products. You might expect to see some short term results from a product but I don't really think that this or that will clear up my acne forever.

My skepticism about 'solutions' has gotten me into heated debates as well. You just get so sick and tired of trying things that don't work... people don't seem to understand this. Although I'm sure your Mom means well.

Hang in there, & best of luck to you.


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im skeptical about everything, and i only take suggestions from google and my derm.

never people like my mates or parents, who have no fricken idea what theyre chatting about.

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