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Guys, a part from dealing with cystic acne, pimples and blackheads, I get these whitehead explosions. One day I'll have minimal amounts of whiteheads but in a matter of 24 hours, I will just have dozens on either side of my noise and on my forehead. What is the best way to combat/prevent whiteheads???

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MY SKIN HAS IMPROVED 80% IN JUST 4 DAYS USING THIS TREATMENT ALONE!!!!!!!! It's now becoming even clearer...nearing 90% cured!!!!

Just follow the following regime:


Night & morning regime:

A. Wash your face and body only with sea salt bought from the supermarket or heathfood store

B. After showering, apply mineral crystal deodorant stick containing either Alum mineral or NaCl (sodium chloride) all over your face and affected body parts for 3-5 minutes on your clean and damp body

NaCl mineral crystal deodorant stick used in study: www.thecrystal.com/product.cfm/id/1/scid/a/submit_thumb/2

Alum mineral crystal deodorant stick I am currently using:


C. Apply Thursday Plantation's Macadamia, Vitamin E and French Lavender Oil on face and affected area (you add as little or as much as you need to give you a healthy glow).

Purchase the macadamia oil here: www.thursdayplantation.com/Product%20Sites/MacadamiaFaceBodyOil125ml.htm


For more information see my post below:


All the best :)


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