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DIAL SOAP for BODY ACNE + AHA? HELP!!!!!!!! :(

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Hi Everyone. :hand:

A little background info about me:

I had light-moderate acne all my life until I discovered Dan's Regimen. It cleared me up in less than two months. I do not break out anymore, thank goodness, but....

Just when I thought I can finally live an acne-free life, body acne hits me like a ton of bricks. I never broke out behind my neck, but recently I've been getting pimples there, a little on my chest, etc. Is it bc I'm hitting my mid 20s and my hormones are out of wack? I cry at night, every night, bc I have so many other things to worry about, why does my skin have to stress me out too?

I'm a 24 year old girl that can't even put her hair in a ponytail, bc I am so self conscious of the pimples behind my neck. Anyway, I read somewhere that antibacterial soap is really good for body acne so I started using some DIAL soap (the gold bar), which SEEMED to dry everything up.


Today after work, I came home, did my routine in the shower, stepped out, only to realize that after days of what seemed like "a good recovery," the pimples came back. Not in any new areas, but in the areas where I specifically used the soap to wash.

I don't know what to do. It seemed to clear up my skin for about a week? And now I broke out again in the same areas where I used the soap to wash. Should I stick with it? Is there a purging process with SOAP too?

Also, I applied AHA on these areas as a spot treatment. Will AHA help this breakout? Is AHA okay to use for breakouts or am I going to have to use this EVERY DAY?

Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

I just want to be able to put my hair up in a bun without worrying about bumps on chest, neck, back etc. :cry:

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