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HELP, blackheads/whiteheads a disaster waiting to happen

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Hi everyone,

So i've been clear of cystic acne for a 3 of months, hooray, and in the last month i haven't had a single pimple to my utter amazement and gratitude!

But recently i also had to stop using differin, as i am trying out retinaldehyde for the scars. Though i've haven't been deligent with the retin A , ussually only putting it on my scars and not my entire face.

There are blackheads and white heads all in the area where pimples used to appear, I think the differin was keeping them at bay but now they are everywhere and i'm affraid that they are all going to explode into cystic pimples like landmines waiting for you to rub them the wrong way.

What do i do? what do i doooo? Its taken all my will not to pick them out, all of it. But i'm still itching to..... Do you guys thing i should just pick them all out? Do you think that would be better than letting them turn into cysts?

I'll try to be more deligent with the Retin A, though i heard it could cause pimples? If not i may go back on differin... But till they begin working is there anything you can reckomend?

Is salycilic acid useable with retin A? i know you're not supposed to tuse it with diffferin

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I'm on a similiar regimen as you...nicotinamide which are the zinc supplements, doxy, clindamycin sporadically for pimples but its very drying. I have tons of whiteheads that I cant keep at bay. I pick them but they fill right back up. Blackhead are easily extractable. Warm compresses to the area and use a blackhead extractor. THey will come right out. Whiteheads I dont have the answer too. I've tried everything..differin, finacea, and nothing will make them go away...I wish I had the answer...

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