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Well ive been told by a few people that I am not confident and have lost my confidence...and yes this is true because of acne/scars I feel less confident and very shy.

What are the steps I can take to gain some confidence back and loose my shyness?

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confidence is not a mindset,

confidence is the result of experience, experience that is mostly gained by failing, except the need to move forward keeps you from taking a pause to actually suffer through those failures.

you want confidence, it's gonna take a while. end of story. It can either take a while or take forever, you choose.

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I am, and have always been, a confident person.

Why? Because it benefits you so much!

It makes you have a more positive outlook on life, and can really make people want to be around you; would you rather be around a quivering mess or somebody who can lead, inspire and show determination?

I understand your problem fully! In fact, I am a coward in the sense that I haven't exposed my back to anyone bar my dermatologist and GP for about 3 years due to simply what they'd think.

But I have scars on my face (Ice pick scars) and also active spots.

If you act confident, people will relay on what you say, they will not simply think OMG look at his scars!

And if they do think that then you know that you're worth so much more and that they are superficial batties.

All in all, the key is to have a positive outlook on yourself. This will promote a more healthy and happy lifestyle.

Best of luck! :)


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confidence is hard to gain, I have a problem with that too, why can't life be as easy as 1 2 3, WITHOUT ALL THOSE COMPLICATED DECIMALS IN BETWEEN TO STOP US -_- from reaching 3

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