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should I exfoliate?

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Hello forum!

I've been suffering from Acne since 2005. I've tried both Proactive and SkinID both of which worked for a while but then left my skin worse than it was before.

Stumbled upon acne.org a few years ago, did not start Dan's regimen until this week. Here's what I'm using...

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

2.5% BP

SPF15 Neutragena Moisturizer(DAY) + Cetaphil Moisturizer(EVENING)

I'm on my 4th day on the regimen, main difference I've noticed is how I am very very gentle with washing / applying BP & moisturizer (according to Dan's instructions). This leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth with almost no redness or irritation (probably also b/c of how gentle Cetaphil is).

B/c I've been using BP based products for years, I started with a high dose of BP (almost full finger length).

This has left my skin kind of flakey and rough where I apply the BP. Theres clearly a layer of dead skin where I apply the BP :confused: . My question is, should I exfoliate? Or will this layer of dead skin disappear on its own after a few more weeks of Dan's regimen? If I were to exfoliate, what is the most gentle way of doing it? Is there a speciic product thats ultra-gentle? A method?

Reason I'm asking is b/c I have very very sensitive skin and would hate to exfoliate and cause redness if I do not have to.

Thanks for your help

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