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Breakout on my back when I never have more than one or two pimples?

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So I took my 24th pill today and my body is extremely dry and itchy, pretty much everywhere you can think of. Everywhere. And just now, I was scratching my back and felt several big pimples that hurt. Before this, with the exception of small sweat pimples, I have never had more than one or two big (poppable) ones on my back. I am wondering if this is some kind of an initial breakout, or just because my skin is really dry which can sometimes break you out just as much as oily skin. I moisturize with Eucerin every morning and night but it really makes no difference. Before this, the skin on my back was extremely clear despite being dry. Whatever had been on my back prior to Accutane was gone in the first 2 weeks. What's going on here?!

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It happened to me too! Pre-accutane, I never (only one in a blue moon) broke out anywhere except along the jaw line and while on accutane I had some breakouts on my forehead, nose, chin, plus my back and chest. My derm said that some of these breakouts appear very similar to acne, but in fact are bacterial infections secondary to the dryness from the accutane.

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Same thing here. I got quite a few honkers back there before my course whereas before they were teeny tiny. I don't get them anymore at all. It's been over a year since the course. Good luck! :)

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