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Dear Retin A...save my skin and dont give me any sass along the way

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Alright, here's the start of my log!

I have been on yasmin and retin a micro .04 a about a month...i have been easing very slowly into retin a to try and avoid redness/flakes i was using it every 3 nights the last 2 weeks and am now using it every 1 or 2 nights...i dont have much redness, but even after i wash it off in the morning my face is a bit burny/dry for the day...im scared to smile because it will make me flake so much!! argh! feeling discouraged but am going to tough it out another 6 weeks at least! derm gave me an antibiotic to help get over the miserable initial breakout. i have heard this stuff is great if you can be patient, all i can say at this point is that my patience better freaking pay off!!! also i now let the retin a absorb for about 10 min. then apply moisutrizer, my derm says this is fine and will not cut the concentration of retin a. i'll keep you posted!

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i was thinking i really wanted to get off yasmin and back on diane, does anyone know if it really is bad to be on diane long term? i mean yasmin has those personal injury lawsuits and stuff! ( at least in canada) and diane doesnt seem too have those?

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alright i took a short hiatus from retin am now back an COMMITTED for at least 3 months....i am feeling so discouraged! : ( i think i am experiencing the initial breakout ( if this isnt it, shoot me!) just in time for christmas which is ttally miserable, plus i had high hopes myskin would be looking fab for february when i was thinking of travelling to see this guy i've been seeing but is now abroad. i depresses me so much that i might not get to see him and the only thing holsing me back is my skin!

ok i know this is super whiney but i needed to vent a little. good luck to everyone else on their journey. im praying to the skin gods for all of us!

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