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Mixing products - a cautionary tale

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I have struggled with adult acne for over 12 years and have used BP on and off during that time with relative success. I can happily vouch for the success of the acne.org regimen and the DKR products in particular. While I used Dan's old version of the BP gel in the past, I just started the full current regimen of products in the last 5 weeks. It's worked wonders from the start, but I did have a hiccup along the way. . . .

The biggest drag about BP is the bleaching of clothing, sheets etc. For this reason, I have been using it only once per day - in the morning after I have dressed. After having been on the regimen for over 3 weeks, I had to spend a night away. The sheets of the hotel room were white, so I tried using the BP at night for the first time. Additionally, because I was traveling and do not have the cleanser and moisturizer in the travel size, I used a different cleanser and moisturizer that night and the next morning. By mid-morning I was itchy and by the time I arrived home that evening, it was apparent that I was having an allergic reaction.

I ceased use of the BP, but was still quite affected the following day - very itchy & red. After much research, I finally gave in and used hydrocortisone. This worked and I had to continue for about 36 hours. Once the initial itching and redness subsided (about 4 days later) I was then left with lots of small white pimples on the hardest hit areas and a day later incredible peeling began and continued for another day or two.

All of this was consistent with what I read about allergic reactions to BP, and I was nervous about continuing. I will say that the AHA was a life saver. I started using it at the point that the peeling began - desperate to get my skin calmed down. I think it helped, but it was clear that it wasn't as effective for acne as the BP. So two days ago I went back to the BP regimen. My skin has cleared right up and I am having no adverse reactions.

I guess the bottom line is that the DKR products are great - top quality, effective and obviously well-suited to go together. I know there are others who have found another combination of cleanser, BP and moisturizer that work for them. My caution is experimenting to find the right mix - it could be painful and lead you to believe the regimen won't work, when the problem is the combo of products. I'm sticking with what works!!

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I tend to suspect it was either the detergent/fabric softener the hotel used to wash the pillowcases, or maybe you have an allergy to something in your travel products (fragrance?). If the BP had been fine up to that point, it probably would not have caused that reaction just by using it once at night. Glad the issue is resolved though!

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