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My title lied to you, i already started this morning.

Day 1-

Applied like half a pea size of BP in moisturizer, want to start out small in case of disasters etc... No sunscreen yet so i'm off for that now. Thinking this log is probably going to be exceptionally boring for the first couple of weeks at least. Can't wait! :P


My also pretty darn boring regimen....

-Cetaphil Cleanser

_2.5% BP, Panoxyl

-Nutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

-Probably a little Jojoba.

-Drinking Lemon Juice (Evening)

-Drinking Water, 10 glasses a day.

-2 Dairy things a day max.

-Zinc,Omega,multivitamin and vitamin D3

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Day 3- Realised I haven't got any new acne over the last 3 days anywhere but maybe one by my nose (In perspective recently i've been getting 2/3 a day before using bp). Also noticed my first (v minor) drying which i'm actually kind of excited about :P

Day 4- Seeing some really really good benifits. I'm only using a pea size once a day, but i could swear i'm clearing up to a good degree. No new acne today or anything, hoping this is not a coincidence. Am constantly checking my skin for evidence of an adverse effects but i'm 90% sure anything small i notice is in my head and not a result of BP.

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