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everywhere I'm reading that I shouldn't touch my skin. But I thought it was ok when you just pop the whiteheads. Isn't it so that when you don't pop whiteheads they can get infected? Sometimes I have these huge ones and I can't walk on the street when they are on my face. So I just woud lake to know, definitely, what I need to do.

- Do not touch your skin at all (even whiteheads)?


- Pop whiteheads, leave the rest untouched?


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Oh I don't know... I've heard that you shouldn't touch your face, which is probably good advice, seeing as it just transmits bacteria from your hands & fingers to your face. But I do pop my zits. As you said: "Sometimes I have these huge ones and I can't walk on the street when they are on my face." I just try and go about it as hygienically as possible. When you need to pop a zit, make sure you wash your hands first. Try and get as much pus out of the zit as possible. If it bleeds, stop. Use toilet paper to dab the blood, etc... off. You know... :blush: So I would say, yes, cautiously pop those zits, but don't let your fingers wander around picking at every scab and bump you find.

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I've heard many times [and do this myself] that if you see a head on the pimple, it is okay to pop it.

http://www.acne.org/pop.html How to go about popping a pimple.

I pop anyways, not because I want to but more so I'm addicted to it. After popping I put some Anti-Bacterial ointment on it and that'll usually help so it doesn't get infected. You will get a red mark for a week or so if it it isn't a whitehead or something, so I wouldn't pop other zits right away either.

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