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So iam pretty close to being on this regimen for 4 weeks. My skin cleared up a lot. It was clear for a couple of days, and then i think due to intense stress with school i ended up with a pimple on left cheek (almost gone), one big white head on right cheek, a small on my chin, and a pimple by my brow (just got it waxed on tues).

And well so far iam, but iam peeling a lot, my skin is super sensitive, and i think with the bp and the weird weather that my skin is getting more dry. Well, i apply more mosturizer both during day and nite and during the day, i can still see flakes near nose, and worst by my hairline, it is to the point i want to scrap my skin off, and it really itches. At night when i apply more mosturizer i wake up with super oily skin and it looks like i have no flakes.

Problem is, should i keep applying more mosturizer, get jojoba oil although im really scared to get it bc i bought desert essence along time ago and i ended up getting whiteheads ( i probably wasnt using it right before).

I ask this bc i really want a solution because i will be going to vegas next wed. and i don't want to have flaky skin, and i want to be able to wear a little bit more makeup then i have. And i want opions if it will really help, or do you think i may have a problem with a breakout, or should i just wait till after the trip to get the jojoba oil and if i wait i will probably get dan's.

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I just bought some dessert essence jojoba oil from trader joes... I use it with my moisturizer just like dans says and my flakes seem to have minimized since than.

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