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Redness From Nose To Corners of Mouth

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My skin is virtually clear after about 2 months of The Regimen (yayyy!!!!!!!!) but I have redness from the sides of my nose to the corners of my mouth, maybe from my skin stretching when I smile. How can I even my skin out more?

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do u use a moisturizer? or any oils?

im 5days into the regimen, my cheeks are kinda red. but i guess thats normal. going to try put more moisturizer. see if that helps for early stages of redness.

good luck!

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What moisturizer do you use? When I used Cetaphil, it made me look sunburnt, and moreso around my nose and mouth because that's where I got the driest and applied the moist moisturizer. When I switched to Complex 15, I noticed it NEVER made my skin super red like Cetaphil did. I later did an experiment to see if it was the moisturizer: I put Complex 15 on one side of my face and Cetaphil on the other. The side with the Cetaphil became much more red than the Complex 15 side.

Also note that if you aren't putting a lot of BP under your nose or around your mouth (I know I don't), those parts tend to look a lot lighter than the surrounding areas and it makes that part of your face stand out and look more red, when in fact, it's really not much more red than other areas.

You could also try using less BP in that area or just try avoiding that particular area altogether.

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