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what is this? and how do i get it off?!

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hey all

i have relatively clear skin. a pimple here and there and a breakout now and then depending on what i eat

but this has been on my face for like, 3 weeks. what is this? blemishes? cysts? what? and does anyone have any idea what to do about it? ive never had something on my face for this long. it really wont go away; at night time though its a lot less visible for some reason

i drink a lot of water

i stay away from fried and greasy foods

ive been using biodermazen to great success for the past few months


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hey there, Do you have any tingling or pain at all? Reason I ask is that in September I had the same thing on my nose,forehead and eye, went to the docs, was given antiobiotics for cystic acne, and then within 3 days if flared up even more. Went back to the docs, and I was diagnosed with shingles. I had the rash and water filled blisters on my face for a month. So if you have any sort of tingling or pain, I would go to the docs, although they can only give you anti virals within 72 hours of the rash appearing. Other than that it is a waiting game.

regards and best wishes

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nope, i didnt. put some BP 5% on it for a few days, drank double the water and its now its pretty much gone a few days later

thank for your reply though, and sorry to hear about that. doesnt stuff suck when its on your face?? total confidence killer

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