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My ziana log to clear skin :)

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OK so i have been using ziana for about a week now and so far i could tell you that the first week is really bad purging week, but i got through with it and i cant wait for the 2nd week to pass so i could update again, but anyways week 1 first 4 days was purging acne here and there but it was all just little bumps though maybe just one mid size one but its clearing up as i could see, my face started peeling for the first 3 days also it was really bad, so far im just hanging in here onyl a few positive results with ziana and hopefully that wont be the case on week 2 so again i have about 2 active acne on my left cheek ones a cyst and one is a mid size acne and on my right cheek i got about 2 active small ones and the rest are just red marks and two small acne on my jaw line and one just at the right side of my mouth and so far its all clearing up getting small in size and hopefully will disappear by the 3rd week cant wait so thats all for now! i'll keep you guys updated every week :)

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hey man i just wanted to drop by and give you a few tips for ziana that really worked for me:

i usually mix my ziana with a thick moisturizer (cetaphil) at night and it really help to keep my skin from getting irritated, i wish i had done it earlier. The other thing i noticed is the more i left my skin alone, the better.

good luck

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Thanks for the tips man appreciate them, but i think im good cause i dont get irritated with ziana and i use more than a pee size also and really working on that no touching no picking and staying only with my regimen i dont add anything to it so far everything is going good :)

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So i went to the dermatologist today and she did a chemical peel on me and a small type of microdermabrasion it was all free cause it was covered by my insurance, she was going to apply glycolic peel or something but she said my face was to sensitive for it so she's going to try it 2 weeks after cause imma go back there again in dec 8(tuesday) to get another microdermabrasion and hopefully a glycolic peel so yeah so far my first microdermabrasion wasnt really the microdermabrasion i wasnt expecting it was like a cheap kind but it was still good couldnt tell yet if it help on the red marks.

Also i'm curious after chemical peel and microdermabrasion done on me can i still wash my face at night with cetaphil? cause thats what she recommended me to use for 2 days and a moisturizer and thats it.

one more thing about the cheap microdermabrasion isnt it for teenagers only? im 17 or they dont want to do the real microdermbrasion(diamond,crystal) yet because im still sensitive and its my frist time cause it really pissed me off cause i thought they'll do the crystal one or diamond but instead they just did the vacuum and still they call it microdermabrasion but imma just wait for dec 8 maybe they'll do the real thing on me.

So yeah thats basically what happened today on my derm appt. PLUS danngg men the intern or idk what she was who did the chemical peel and micro. on me was soooooo fine i didnt really focus much on what she said cause the whole freakin time i was just staring at her, i wanted to spit my game but then i realize i have a girl and she's def out of my league plus i look like a tomato and also i promised my self to behave but i got a little convo out of her when i complemented the "robe" she was wearing and made a funny remark out of it later its all good gotta start low you know but still i'll behave i promise till my next visit hopefully she's still be the one doing my peel and microdermabrasion :)

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How did ziana work for you in the long run? I just started ziana 3 weeks ago and am still breaking out. WHen did you notice your skin was consistently clear? Do you still use Ziana?

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