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Anyone on Roaccutane 1 week per month?

Anyone out here who is on similar dosage pattern as me??

My derm prescribed me roaccutane last week -

20mg roaccutane to be taken for 1 week per month, over a period of 6 months..

Every since i started roaccutane, i realised that all my clogged pores seems to be developing whiteheads or developing into "potential"zits... may i ask if roaccutane causes purging? I've never had such bad clogged pores before! Getting real worried right now.. especially when i thought roaccutane is suppose to help control my breakouts..

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Hi, can any kind souls here help me on the above post?

I have completed 3 courses of roaccutane (1 week per month so total=3weeks of completed medication). But I'm still breaking out! On fact my acne is much worse than I 1st started out!

Pl help! I'm getting worried..

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Accutane definitely causes purging. It's all part of the process towards clear skin.

As to only taking Accutane for one week out of the month, I've never heard of that before.

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Thanks everyone and nope, i dont live in UK..

Just seen my doctor today. Now i am now on full dosage..

taking 10mg in the morning and 20mg at night for everyday, over a period of 6 months...

anyone having the same dosage pattern as me??

I cant imagine how long the purging would continue..... totally demoralised over my acne condition..

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Today is the 12th day taking roaccutane daily - 30mg per day..

Its only the 12th day and i seriously cannot take it.. Extremely dry n red skin with alot of clogged pores.. Having so much zits especially at my chin area. Even my sister comments that my condition i seems to b getting worse suddenly...

I dont know if i'll have enough courage to pull this through ..

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