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Topical Anti-Androgen?

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Oily skin is my main problem that branches off causing other problems. I know it's Hormone related because I'm a guy who's 16 in puberty and i have lots of mood swings so it obviously hormonal. I don't want any internal thing b.c. I'm afraid of it limiting my overall growth, but i don't mind being persuaded if there's no risk to limiting growth. Topical application seems like a good idea but i don't exactly know much about the field of Hormones and Anti Androgens. Anyone know a good topical Anti Androgen that i can get w/o prescription?

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I mainly post on sites having to do with hair loss, so the subject of topical antiandrogens is profoundly interesting to me. Unfortunately, ones that actually work well are few and far between. RU58841 and 17a-propylmesterolone are probably the most effective ones ever developed, but they are very difficult and expensive to obtain. RU58841 has been ordered from a chemical company in China and used by some people here in America and other countries, but the cost is around $30/gram + shipping, and getting it past Customs can be a problem. Purity and storage are issues, too.

Topical spironolactone also works to some degree as a topical antiandrogen, although it's not as effective as those first two I mentioned. It's also much more reasonably priced than the first two; one important down-side, though, is that it would require a doctor's prescription. There are other drugs and chemicals that also have some activity as topical antiandrogens, but now we're well within the area of highly experimental substances, not something that could be easily and inexpensively obtained and used by the average consumer.

The only real exception to that that I can think of might be Nizoral Shampoo; the active ingredient in Nizoral (ketoconazole) has been shown to block androgen receptors in vitro, and a famous study from a few years ago found that the normal use of Nizoral Shampoo by balding men appeared to reduce the size of the sebaceous glands in their scalps by around ~20% or so. You could try washing your face with Nizoral Shampoo, to see if it reduces your oiliness a bit. Be careful if you decide to try that, because the stuff _may_ be too harsh for use on your face.

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I know it's Hormone related

Then why not try to influence the one hormone that is anti-androgenic, directly anti-oxidant, stimulates cells to upregulate their own anti-oxidants, and slows cell division? Melatonin.

I bet you do very few of the following things that help avoid destroying your melatonin cycle:

  • Sleep 9-10 hours each night.
  • Go to bed at exactly the same time each night, every single day.
  • Live in bright outdoor light 10-12 hours each day (no hat, no sunglasses, direct line from eye to sky).
  • Avoid high-fructose foods like soda, apples, pears, etc.
  • Sleep in total darkness, where no light pollution can reach your eyes.
  • Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, drugs.
  • Eat foods rich in lycopene.
The teenagers of the Trobriand Islands do these things and they have no acne. None. Nada. Zero lesions.
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So how long would it take to see results from the Nizoral?

Studies that I've seen testing other topical antiandrogens generally run for a month or two, I believe.

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Alright. I might have to give it a try. Do you think Topical Anti-Androgens are better or worse that Internal ones? Also, are Internal Anti-Androgens bad for general health in any way? I am particularly concerned about my growth being stunted.

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Males can't normally use systemic antiandrogens, because of the likelihood of serious side effects. We can generally only use the ones that are active topically.

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