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I have suffered from acne since the age of 14,I am now 30. I to know all to well the frustrations that come along with having it.

But,however,this post is to warn individuals who are considering using Murad as an solution to their acne difficulties. It did not happen to me personally but to a close friend who suffered horribly from the use of it.

She saw the commercials and the websites and having had severe acne and was desperate as nothing seemed to work the slightest...What i am about to reveal I promise is not an exaggeration of the truth!

She began using it and noticed that it burned terribly but assuming that it was working she contiued.....after a few more uses her acne seemed to get worse concerned she call the murad hotline only to be told that it was a natural reaction and that her skin was adjusting to the product.

With'in days I am not kidding her face was covered it HUGE swellings...not a single place on her face was absent from one of these swellings...I have NEVER seen anything like it...I felt so bad for her..She was in pain..she had to seek medical attention...She was told that the worse thing she could have done was continue use....This lasted six months she couldn't work or leave her home....Again I had never seen anything so bad.....I warn anyone condsidering using this!!!

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