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Thinking about starting the regimen...

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I'm thinking about starting the regimen, but I briefly read through some of the posts, and it seems like for some people, it stops working after a few months. I was wondering how many people have it stop working, and how many people still get good results after many years.

I use a 10% BP fashwash right now, and it doesn't work super duper well, but it does somewhat work. I still get a lot of acne on my cheeks, but I think that might have something to do with the way that I fall asleep on my side.

Anyway, thanks for any help and insight.

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2.5% BP works better than 10% as u will be able to apply more BP to ur face without it getting too irritated. the key reason why the regimen is so successful is because of the amount of BP it requires you to use.

the reason why it stops working for people might be because they add their own products too early or get complacent and dont follow the regimen on a regular basis. it has to be kept at a 10-12hr interval. in other words you should, at all times have BP on your face. after a month or so in the regimen people tend to not follow what dan has advised. (not being gentle anymore, use too much BP, 10-15% BP).

sleeping on your side would not be much of a problem, as long u change ur pillow cases on a regular basis. most of the time i wake up with my face in the pillow.


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I agree with Roshan. If you follow the regimen exactly, it will work for you unless you're allergic or have some other type of reaction to it.

I'm a success story (well, I was until I STOPPED USING IT! :wall:). I started using it around the end of June and by the beginning of August, my skin was totally clear and it stayed that way until just recently when I stopped using it.

Starting over again I notice a huge change in my skin. It will get dry and itchy and feel irritated when you first start, especially if you start using too much BP, but after a while of using the regimen (for me it was around a month) your skin calms down and gets used to it. This is when you really start noticing the difference.

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I agree with the above posts as well. It seems like your medicated face wash is only helping to a certain degree because it's not keeping BP on your face constantly like the regimen requires. It doesn't seem like it's enough to clear your skin completely. Even though I'm only going on week four, I agree with Jubilant Sleeper about going off the regimen and having breakouts. I had a long night out, didn't do the regimen before I went to bed that night, or the next day and I had a breakout. But it cleared up so much more quickly (like cleared in one day for a moderate breakout on my forehead) than before I started the regimen once I went back on it precisely. Following it precisely is the key and not doing this seems to a big problem why it doesn't work for some people. Non-medicated/gentle cleanser, 2.5% BP, and light oil-free/non-comedogenic moisturizer. Follow regimen precisely. It's more than worth a shot for a regimen that can be followed so simply and inexpensively.

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