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My acne hasn't been too bad as of late. Still a bit red and I'll get whiteheads a couple of times a week. But it isn't so bad. Anyways, recently, the skin around my chin has started to peel a bit. It comes off in rolls. Thats the only way I can really think of describing it. If I put my hand over the peeling skin and just stroke my chin, the skin'll just peel off and roll up like you're rolling a piece of clay into a noodle. Hopefully that gives you some idea of what's happening. It doesn't hurt and is just very thin thin pieces of skin but I can see that it's red underneath. I've been moisturizing a lot.

Has anyone else experienced this before? What have you done? It just started recently when it started getting colder around here (Seattle). I put a humidifier in my room to help deal with the dry air and it started around then. Could it have anything to do with that? HELP!

Thank you!

Edit: I'm also taking Mincocycline, drinking ACV, applying a 2.5% BP Wash on my face in the morning, and Tazorac at night before bed.

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Sounds like to me your skin needs to get rid of unwanted skin cells :think:


should help a fair bit.

Heres what i tend to do.

Fill up your kettle with water and set it to heat.

Find a container.

Pour the boiling water into it.

Lean your face over the container with a towel wrapped round your head to allow all the heat and steam onto your face ( this will losen and unwanted/dead cells)

allow this for about 15mins or as much as you can take.

Then use a facial scrub

perhaps somthing along the lines of this

Just a scrub that is review'd effective.

then pat dry not rub and this will tear off more skin.

hope that heaps

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