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I have recently started using the Cetaphil liqud cleanser for sensitive skin... has anyone used and liked this product? I know it's a gentler form of cleansing, but my skin doesnt feel all that clean when I'm done... more dry and 'chunky' feeling (if that makes any sense haha)

I dont know maybe I have just grown used to the harsher cleansers- which I fear only irritate and make my skin worse.

Does anyone have a cleanser suggestion? I have sensitive, oily, acne prone skin... the worst kind.


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Don't we all! I actually like Cetaphil. Use a gentle terry cloth for exfoliation, though (it provides none). All the harsher chemical washes were probably not beneficial to your skin, so I think its a safe bet. my derm reccomended a gentle dove cleanser if I didn't like cetaphil, but I don't see why I need to change because its soothing to my skin...but if you do than by all means. i

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I use Cetaphil Antibacterial bar (I've never used the liquid) and I love it. It makes my skin feel clean and refreshed without overdrying. It has helped clear up my acne when used with my topicals and moisturizer. I have oily skin as well and I have seen a difference because my skin is not as oily as it used to be. So if you are not liking the liquid, I would highly suggest the bar. Not to mention I only pay $2.99 for it, so it is also very affordable.

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I used Cetaphil Gentle cleanser and Epiduo. I immediately saw results and my face did not get worse to get better, but is different for everybody. as i read different stories. I definitely recommended. but Epiduo works different on different people (even my Derm. told me about his patients.) my only concern now is that Cetaphil kind of burns my sides of my eyes and my areas around the nose if i rub it too much, also the the top of lip where the mustache is. This will sound weird and I have been trying to find someone to relate about this so I wanted to mention. I Never use to get pimples in this areas (boths sides of my eyes to the hair line, in my mustache area and by my eyebrows. I am looking into changing my cleanser but I am sooo confuse which to try. Dial soap, don't want neutrogena as it is bad for me, basis, etc? anybody else has this experience with Cetaphil??? please reply

one thing i have to say is that Cetaphil does not leave my face dry and is agreat at that, but is sooo weird that it burns some parts of my face.

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I use the Cetaphil cleanser bar like sweetserenity, and it has done the same for me as for her. I think it's an awesome candidate for a cleanser because it is gentle. Also, like The_Maiden, I used a terry cloth with Cetaphil cleanser on it (AFTER my inflammatory acne was cleared) to exfoliate the flaky parts of my face. I really like this cleanser, and I don't think I'll ever stray from it.

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