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Would like to start the Regimen...

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Hi everyone!

Would like to thank you guys in advance for any help/info you can give.

Started getting adult acne when I turned 25 after never having acne in my life...very traumatizing experience.

The derm put me on Duac and it worked great and cleared up my skin until I decided to go off it. Bad idea, my adult acne came back and was 10x worse.

Last winter, I went back on it and my skin cleared up again but since the winter hit, i'm starting to break out again.

1) If I start the regimen, i'm going to stop using Duac. Am I going to break out really bad again? I'm terrified of getting off of it but been reading so many success stories and would like to give it a shot.

Just wanted to get a few thoughts before I ordered the starter kit. Thanks!

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Heya :)

I myself was on duac for a couple of months too- i didn't really know anything about acne then so my diet was still awful and I still used horrid cleansers and moisturisers- which meant the duac didn't work, which meant i gave up after 2 months.

Anyhoo I've been on the regimen for almost 3 weeks now, and yep- I had/am having a breakout- so you will get an initial breakout- HOWEVER if you start slower and slowly build up (as I'm doing- I've only just got on to 1 pump a night! seeing some results in some areas though :D) you will more likely than not limit these symptoms- but I've gathered from other posts that even if you've used other brands of BP chances are you'll get an initial breakout with these products- maybe even down to the cleanser and moisturiser, I don't know :)

If it's any help I also only use one pump of cleanser and moisturiser- I simply don't need anymore :D

Good luck anyhoo- if there's any other questions do ask, there's a slim chance I might know the answer to them :D

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hi guys,

im on day 5 of the regimen. so far i have not gotten a "breakout". started with a pea's size of BP, currently using a pea and a half. my skin does get pretty irritated and starts to burn after applying BP. this goes away after about 20mins. i like to think of the burning/irritated feeling as the BP cleaning my dirty areas :) it helps. ALOT!

i din have much of a acne problem to begin with, but the taught of risking it to start the regimen to get 'perfect' skin was pretty intense. however, after spending about 2 days reading the fourms, i decided to go for it. i have never ever in my life used a moisturizer until i started the regimen. lol. all i can say is that, i think it was the right decision. a little BP and moisture isnt gonna kill you.

a little tip: don get freaked out if ur face turns red or u see skin peeling. (i taught i was going to die) i made it! lol

good luck!

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