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My accutane log! Photos to come!

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Thanks for reading my log! Note: I live in australia and it's called "roaccutane" here, but exact same drug, isotrenoin (spelling?)

Roaccutane 10mg log

Day 1:

I am SO EXCITED that I got prescribed roaccutane. I was worried that I wasn’t going to get it, since my acne is actually really good this week! I had an IPL facial with laser 2 weeks ago, to reduce acne, scars and freckles, and am now OK to begin roaccutane. The facial thing was really good! You can see in my photos, that from the “before†(2 weeks ago) and now, my skin looks smoother, and just generally more even. I love it, definitely recommended, although it’s expensive (not sure exactly how much) and you can’t leave the house for a week cos you’re face is literally RED and super photo-sensitive (sun sensitive). But I’m on roaccutane hoping to get rid of those sporadic few pimples.

I should also put in here that, I know my acne isn’t that bad, it’s pretty mild actually, but I have a disease where I’m not allowed antibiotics, so my doctors skipped over what they normally prescribe derm patients (eg. doxycyline, topical antibiotic lotions etc) and just went for roaccutane, but only 10mg. I’m also taking Yasmin (I’ve been on the pill for 5 years, didn’t help acne at all) and I’m 20.

Day 7: First side effects.

I guess I got my first side effects today. I didn’t put my night lotion on last night and woke up with my face feeling strangly tight. Kinda nice and different to the oily feeling I’m used to. Still oily, but you can feel a difference.

Oh and about 3 days ago, my right hip started peeling. Strange huh? It got really dry and flaky, but only my right hip! At least it’s not my face or lips (yet!)

And I’m showing the first sign of initial breakout! I have 3 really big and sore pimples coming up on my chin and right cheek. Normally I would try to pop them so soon, but I am really scared of scarring! I have a ball in 2 weeks and 6 days, please please please God let my initial breakout be gone by then!

I didn’t expect to see results (or side effects) this soon, since I am only on 10mg and most people start off on 40mg (I think).

My dermatologist told me to come back to him 4 weeks after I start the course, but I could only get an appointment 6 weeks after (because of my exam week). It shouldn’t matter, but I wonder if he’s going to put my dose up? He’s told me I’ll be on it for 9 months, which sounds like a long time for moisturising and limiting my drinking :(

Day 11:

Right corner of my lip has completely crack and peeled off, and the rest of my lips are just tight and dry. No other symptoms- no dry skin or dry eyes (especially cos I wear contacts I was expecting this). But just the lips….

Day 16:

Still no side effect apart from peeling lips. Exam time means my coldsores have come up (stress!) and I have about 5 coldsores thanks to the cracked lips! Its OK though, I can’t complain because I have no dry skin, no dandruff, no headaches… nothing!

I have 3 large but blind pimples on my chin, and one tiny whitehead thing on my left cheek, but apart from that I am pimple free!!! I’m still not sure if the initial breakout is coming, or if this is it (3 pimples?) or it’s gone and I’m home free. My acne was pretty sporadic before roaccutane, having horrific months and pretty clear months, and was in a clear month when I started… so I dunno if the IB is yet to come. We’ll see. Everyone says 2 months is when the results really begin to show, so I guess I’ll wait one more month and then assume the IB is gone!

Day 31:

My lips look like someone has grabbed them with a pair of pliers and ripped them off. They are painful and bleeding, due to constant peeling. It is so disgusting. I haven’t been using a lip balm cos I was waiting for my coldsores to go away (don’t want to infect all of my lips balms with the virus). Apart from that, still no side effects. The 3 blind pimples on chin from 2 weeks ago are almost gone, and one tiny whitehead on my right cheek, and then perfectly clear. Yay! Had my one monthly blood test yesterday, and seeing the derm in 2 weeks. Hopefully he’ll up my dose/reduce my course time.

Day 40:

Feeling a massive reduction in oil production (ha rhymes). My face feels like paper. I know that sounds strange but I never liked touching my face because even if you could find a pimple-free bit to touch, it still had that “slimy†feel due to oil. Now the only thing I can think to describe it is the feel of paper and I LOVE IT. Ate a pizza for dinner last night and would usually be feeling super greasy after but didn’t get oily at ALL. I tried to explain to my roommates the difference (after we finished the pizza!) and they had no idea what I was talking about. Dammed acne free people!

Day 48:

Went for my one month check up today (after 6 weeks oops) and blood tests were fine! He took my blood pressure which was really low and I’ve been fainting lately but the doctor just shrugged and said “not the roaccutane†pretty much saying “not my problemâ€. The only thing going on is still ridiculously dry lips: to the point that people in class pull out their lip balm and give me some without me even asking! They are chapped and bleeding all the time. But when I say “its because of roaccutane!!!†everyone says you can tell it’s really working, which of course is nice to hear. I have NO PIMPLES OR WHITEHEADS at the moment. One is a little scab on my cheek from a big pop 2 days ago, and one tiny red mark from one last week which is going away. It always amazes me how the derm says “oh so you squeezed that one!â€.. how do they know!? But I felt a little victorious when he said “good on you for not squeezing this one†even though I secretly did hehe.

So the derm doubled my dose to 20mg, still very low but I’m happy! Course stays at 9 months

though, cos according to doctor: “you’d be on it for 2 years if I kept it at 10mg!†no thanks!

He showed me some really great high definition photos he took on my first appointment (no one wants to see high def photos of their acne, trust me, but since it’s clearing up now I can deal with it!). I’m hoping he’ll take some more at my next appointment (at month 5) and I’m wondering what his reaction would be if I asked him to email me the photos. They’ll be spectacular if things keep going the way they are! And I live far away from all of my friends and family so I want to email my mum my progress photos!!!

If it were up to me, I would prescribe roaccutane to every boy and girl who ever had acne. It is amazing. I have to stop myself from saying to pimply friends “You NEED to go on this! You’ll look so much better!â€

I will upload weekly photos (I know: a bit over zealous with the photo taking!) as soon as I have 2 min to do so!

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