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Blood test before accutane??

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So, I got prescribed accutane about 3 weeks ago from my dermatologist. He was very quick with explaining everything, including the whole iPledge program to me. He talked about the side effects, mentioned the doses I would be taking, along with the blood tests. He said that I would have a userID for the website, and he would give that to me on my next appointment.

As I was leaving, I set up my next appointment with the receptionist. She gave me a form to get my blood test done. She said to have it done 5 days before my next appointment, which is on November 23rd. Then she asked me what pharmacy I use, and she seemed to set up the prescription with my pharmacy. Everything seemed very quick and to the point, and I was under the impression that I had to get a blood test done before starting accutane. Is that true??

I didn't realize until I was reading through the iPledge folder. It said that once a prescription is sent to the pharmacy, you have 30 days to pick it up. Once it's not picked up, the pharmacist has to label it "Do Not Disperse"...

I can't believe I made such a dumb mistake. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to pick up the prescription right away, start taking it, and then when I was closing in on my next appointment, go and get the blood test done. He never explained it to me in that order...

Does anyone know from experience? I swear the dermatologist burned through all the info as if I had done all this before... When I asked the receptionist a question about the blood test, she gave me a very matter of fact answer like I was supposed to know.

So basically, is it a pain in the ass to get a new prescription and start from scratch again?? Or what if I were to switch to another dermatologist? Is it again difficult to register with iPledge under a different derm?? I'm calling first thing tomorrow to get the lowdown, unless someone can fill me in....


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When I first started my derm filled out a prescription before my first blood test but told me not to take it till after the results came back. You technically are supposed to get baseline readings of everything before accutane so they can tell if something goes wrong or if there is already something going wrong before you start so you aren't really supposed to take them till then.

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I had to have one before i started my course, but one of the reasons they do it is to check youre not pregnant. maybe if youre not sexually active they skip the blood test?

not sure, but he would have mentioned it, so id just go along with what he says! good luck & congrats

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