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Hm. Could I be allergic to something?

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I've been having jawline/neck pimples forming these past few months but I can't pinpoint the reason. Two weeks ago, I became ill and ended up eating lots of bread and soup. Last week, I noticed my jawline looked a lot better. However, this week, my left jawline has been breaking out like crazy! I've been cleaning it/doing the ususal, but for some reason, literally 5 pimples are flamed. Sad part is, I'm ONLY struggling with jawline acne and no where else (forehead, chin, nose) is clear. I've been dealing this for 2 years now and it's so frustrating because my jawline WON'T GET better. Could it be possible that the stuff I'm eating is causing an "allergic" reaction? Should I get an allergy test? (isn't it pretty expensive sending in the blood work to get tested?) I really don't know what to do anymore. I even tried taking zinc 50mg but that didn't help either.

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Yes, you could be allergic to something. My jawline and neck acne turned out to be an allergic reaction. Figure it out by avoiding foods one by one starting with the most common allergens. Or eat a hypo allergenic diet for a period and gradually add foods back in.

Lists of the most allergenic foods and the most hypo allergenic foods can be found here:


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