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Drinking Water

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I've always been a fan of water and I usually choose water over any other kind of drink. But one bottle probably lasted me all day. I've heard around acne.org that drinking plenty of water helps a lot. I experimented today and I'm currently on my 6th bottle today.

Could anyone give me some information on why/how water helps acne?

Thanks everyone! ;)

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I have no idea how water helps but I was just about to post a topic about how my gomad & lemonade diet got me cleared up.

I've been following a Gallon Of Milk A Day for the purpose of bulking up some muscle for fitness.

At the same time I've stopped drinking coke/sprite etc. and started drinking Karvan Cevitam lemonade.

pretty weird how just drinking water mixed with sirup and a lot of milk does a better job than washing twice a day, 5% benzoylperoxide and a crap diet

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Too much water is bad for you as it can resulted in electrolytes deficiency. 2 litres a day are more than enough, in my opinion.

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Water is the best thing for your body, period. As well as milk, some people are more prone to breakout then others. What you should try and do is have a journal for everytime you drink a colored drink and see how it affects you 3-5 days from then.

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I've decided not to drink sodas anymore, just because they are loaded with sugar. I've been drinking a lot of water and green tea though. I've heard green tea is full of anti-oxidants and is anti-inflammatory. I'll let all of you know how it affects me!

Thanks for all the great replies everyone!

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