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After Accutane? Worth it?

Well, my acne I would say is considered only little mild on bad weaks more upper mild if that makes sense. But my main thing I hate is the oilness! Bloating pads just don't do enough! I am a 19 year old guy and hate always having to dab off the shine constantly, plus look at acne! I've been reading alot of horror stories about acne etc. and I am a little scared.

I am sick of always having to use products on my face, have my face be super dry, then super oily later that day! All for my acne to never go away!!!!! So accutane could fix this....

My question for all you expierienced accutane people out there,...

After accutane, since my oil producing cells? are shrinked and basically stopped, will my face age faster? Like people always tell me that my oily skin is a problem now but in the long run even as a guy my skin will age at a slower rate! <--I'm told I have a baby face? ( I guess a acne, shiny baby face ).........

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I have acne thats more on the mild side. I think im going to try a low dose course, Im a little afraid of the initial breakout, but like you im just tried of taking antibiotics everyday (which dont work all that well, only seem to make it "bearable") and spreading topicals morning/night. So yeah, I know how you feel, acne sucks.

As far as the oily skin making you age slower, ive heard that before too....but im pretty sure i heard the amount of oil you produce does not correlate between how fast you age.

I hope your happy with your decision, and if you decide to go with accutane i wish us both good luck. : )

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